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Cantina Ventiventi Il Borghetto


Apply: Cantina Ventiventi
Foundation year: 2016
Vine variety: Sorbara, Salamino di Santa Croce, Pignoletto, Ancellotta, Pinot Bianco, Chardonnay, Cabernet Sauvignon
Hectare: 30
Number of bottles produced/year: 70000

VentiVenti is a completely new reality. Our zero point, the year of launch and start is exactly what it is named after, the VentiVenti. The basic idea of our winery is to enclose and mix together different elements, which are fundamental for us: the return to the countryside and nature, the possibility of creating a meeting point and aggregation in a healthy and green environment and above all, to be able to start a family business. Is thanks to these factors that we have been able to create, since the first vineyard planted in 2016, a completely organic and eco-sustainable production, which has now expanded to 30 hectares. Our goal is to obtain a quality product through the maximum respect for plants and our territory, to be able to highlight what our lands offer us. VentiVenti , was born and grew up in Emilia Romagna, precisely near Modena, one of the largest food and wine centres in the world, where genuineness, authenticity and simplicity are the real strength. Our territory has led us to undertake this new adventure by choosing the Metodo Classico as production method for our wines. This is a longer and more technical process compared to the most common vinifications in the Lambrusco district, but we think that the Metodo Classico allows us to express the best of the grapes of our land, enhancing the aromas and organoleptic characteristics of each individual grape variety, creating wines that are fresh but distinguished by a marked finesse, structure and minerality. The range of our wines offers 6 different labels: 5 are Metodo Classico sparkling wines and one is a still rosé wine produced from the grapes of Sorbara wine. Our products can be divided into two lines, the first one is more "Traditional" and is based on the native vines of our territory vinified in purity, including Pignoletto Doc, Lambrusco Salamino di Santa Croce and Rosato "Ricanto"; in the second line we offer VentiVenti Rosè Lambrusco di Modena Doc, VentiVenti Brut and VentiVenti Pas Dosè Spumante Zero Dosage. The last two are produced with grapes from international varieties such as Chardonnay and Pinot Blanc, together with the varieties that are most suitable for sparkling wine making in our territory.

Wine Tasting: yes
Oil Tasting: no
Purchase products in the cellar: yes
Purchase products online: no
Disabled accessibility: yes
Coach parking: no
Language spoken: Italian, English, German