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Cantina Santa Maria La Palma


Apply: Cantina Santa Maria La Palma
Wine areas:
Alghero (DOC)
Alghero Cagniulari (DOC)
Cannonau Di Sardegna (DOC)
Monica Di Sardegna (DOC)
Vermentino Di Sardegna (DOC)
Foundation year: 1959
Winemaker: Gaetano Laspina
Vine variety: Vermentino, Cagnulari, Cannonau, Monica, Chardonnay, Sauvignon
Hectare: 800
Number of bottles produced/year: 5500000
Most important labels:

The Cantina Santa Maria la Palma is a joint-stock agricultural cooperative society based in the hamlet of Santa Maria La Palma, in the municipality of Alghero, within the area called Nurra di Alghero. The winery pursues the enhancement and development of agricultural production through collection activities, processing, transformation and marketing of the productions of over 700 hectares of vineyards of about 300 members. During 2021 the Cantina Santa Maria La Palma produced and marketed over 5 million bottles: a a number that makes it a great company on a regional and national level.

Wine Tasting: yes
Oil Tasting: no
Purchase products in the cellar: yes
Purchase products online: yes
Disabled accessibility: yes
Coach parking: yes
Apply: Loredana Marchi
Language spoken: Italian, English, French