Vertical Wine tasting of ISEI del Valdarno di Sopra Rosso Riserva

26/05/2019 Isei a successful family wine for the great Tuscan hunting

At 4.00 pm visit of the vineyards and the cellar follows

Vertical of ISEI Valdarno di Sopra Rosso Riserva

harvest 2015 competition 5 Stars Wine Vinitaly 2019 and Wine Hunter in Merano

vintage 2014 a good result in a difficult year

vintage 2013 a particular vintage

harvest 2012 Luca Maroni 90 pts guide Syrah prevails

vintage 2011 first exit valdarno di sopra Rosso Riserva

2005 harvest the dawn of the Great Mention at Vinitaly

The cost is 10 euros per person, in case of purchase of wines for sale (harvest 2012, 2014, 2015) 15% discount.

Maximum number of participants 15.

Reservations at 3381895562 or