Tenuta la Pergola for San Martino

17/10/2013 the 9 and 10 November is celebrated with Novello 2013 and Bagna Caoda

Open cellars at Tenuta La Pergola - Cisterna d'Asti to celebrate new year's Eve Wine.

The appointment is for Saturday 9 and Sunday November 10,2013

10a.m. we discuss wine tasting the Monferrato Novello '13

and now you can learn about and sample a new production of the estate.

'Uvallegra' grape juice, 100 percent.

Followed by an aperitif.

Our Cook will present vegan preparations : Bagna Caoda (the tastes and flavours of the traditional recipe will be retained, but with the anchovies...run away !) whit vegetables, both fresh and baked.

Followed by a pumpkin soup and cereal.For dessert a vegan chocolate cake (curiously,without cow's milk or eggs! )

At the end of lunch unfold recipes and preparation tecniques( very unusual)dish tasted.

By reservation only : 20 euro per person excludin wine (at the cost of the cellar) 

pergola@tenutalapergola.it - tel 0141 979246

RAPULI-HUNTING in the afternoom

a team competition for Rapulè, which in the ancient tradition was the late harvest of farmes:the best and fastest to colect grapes will receive a gadget-remember to take home.

Have fun !! 

Az. Ag. Tenuta La Pergola Di Bodda Alessandra