Special with Kids | Kid's Harvest

22/09/2018 A fun wine-tour specially designed for families with children: let's go to collect the grapes with mum and dad.

A fun tour for children: let's go to collect the grapes with mum and dad.

At Donnardea's, days dedicated to kids, with agro-educational programmes and fun activities.

'The children's vineyard' in Donnardea, is open to children and their parents who want to spend an autumn Sunday and experience the colours and scents of the season.

A harvest dedicated to them. A tour designed for children which matches the joy of spending time outdoors with their parents with the thrill of 'discovery'.

It's so fun wearing a pair of wellingtons, and with a bucket, a funnel and a pair of scisors, walking among the plants with their parents. And so many grapes to collect! Look at the colours!

Can you smell this perfume?

Here comes the tractor, let's take the grapes to the cellar… let's make wine!

Playing, having fun and learning: all together!

This and much more can be experienced during Donnardea's SUNDAY IN THE FARM.

Picnic Lunch for all the family in the Donnardea's garden:
Picnic Baskets A wine tasting picnic spread. Includes fine Donnardea's wine,
paired with local cheese, roasted pork, wook oven bread, doughtnots, table cloth, etc.

All in a classic wicker picnic style. Everything you need for the perfectly planned wine tasting picnic day.