English Tour at Bosca's Cathedrals on July 30th 2022 at 5:45 pm

30/07/2022 Tour at Bosca's Cathedrals, Unesco World Heritage City

Our Underground Cathedrals are a Unesco World Heritage Site of Humankind, but above all they are a work location where our cellar masters daily work so for our spumantes to reach perfection.
All personal details we will need to acquire from you and the compliance with the required rules of conduct will allow you to saBook your visit to our Cellars!

fely enter our cellars protecting not only you but also those with you, our products and any other item, letting you enjoy the quiet atmosphere of this enchanted location.
Our cellars are in Via Giuliani 23, in the very heart of Canelli.
If by car, you will need to park in Piazza Gancia and go on discovering Canelli, walking across Piazzetta Cavour, with its pastry shop Bosca, our homonymous, and unbeatable in the delights it proposes, and going on in Via Giuliani.
If you are by bus, it can stop in Piazza Gancia just for the time needed to let you off and then park in Piazza Unione Europea.
The information signs will accompany you to discover our tiny old town between small stores and shops.
If you look up, you will see the beautiful Castello Gancia overlooking the hill. A tip: take the time and enjoy a complete experience. 50 meters after our entrance begins the historical road called “della Sternia” which climbs up the hill and will take you to the oldest, most silent and elegant part of the city; at the end the Borgo Villanuova will surprise you with San Leonardo Church, the millennial San Rocco Church and a wonderful glimpse of our panorama!
At the end of the exploration, when you're ready to come and see us, we'll be there waiting for you.
Below the information it’s important you to know since now.
Unfortunately, to get to the cellar you have a staircase of about 40 steps; sorry, no elevators so far. I hope this does not preclude you an experience that we feel unique!
The visit includes an underground guided tour through the various rooms where our sparkling classic method, the Riserva del Nonno, is still produced entirely by hand, according to ancient knowledge.
You will be accompanied along a multimedia tour that will let you understand the meaning that these cellars have and have had over the centuries for us and the community. You will be also able to enjoy the history of the company and of Bosca family, who lead it since its establishment.
Inside the cellars pictures are welcome, but please do not video record the multimedia contents. Also please refrain from touching as the bottles: it is not just an exposition, so please remember at any time that work is in progress!
If you want to have already now idea of timings, the visits take about 40 minutes; another 10 for a small drink that comes with it. In case you chose a guided tasting you will have to count at least half an hour. You may then spend a few more minutes in our store for shopping time or even just to have a look around, so consider it in your planning.
For groups up to 40 people we usually suggest to take into account an hour and half . If you plan to be more than 40, it will take about fifteen minutes more, because it will not be possible to enter the cellar all together and you will have to divide into different groups and stagger departures: you will be able to regroup during the tasting. We are organized to welcome visitors both in Italian and in English. If the reference language is another one, please add up translation time. In this case, please let us know, so that other appointments can be arranged accordingly, in order to offer everyone the best possible experience!
Once you enter the cellar, please stay with the group, don’t stay behind or take different directions than the one indicated by the guide. Since the visit has a strong multimedia component, it is necessary to follow the flow that once activated must follow its course, also not to conflict with the flow of the previous and the following tour.
That's why it's important to be absolutely in time, and in case of a delay we will unfortunately have to ask you to wait for the next tour. If you think you are late, please let me know even at the last minute at the number below: I might still be able to add you into a following group.

Admittance : 6 euro

Masks required

Snacks are not included.

If you choose one of the tasting options we kindly ask you to pay in advance: either by wire transfer the day before or directly in the cellar before the visit. If you need a formal invoice, please ask for it in advance.
If you arrive with a baby, please hold his/her hand during the whole tour. You may leave the stroller at the entrance where you will find it at the end of the tour.
Dogs are welcome, but they must always be kept at the leash, behave well and do not disturb other visitors.

If you need more information about our territory here below is the contact of the Tourist Information Office:
iat@comune.canelli.at.it +39 0141 820 280 / +39 0141 822 640

Parking : via Giuliani, piazza Carlo Gancia, piazza Gioberti, via Alba
Please beware that on Tuesdays and Fridays a street market occupies piazza Carlo Gancia

This is my cell phone to be used during the same day of the tour, in case you need to reach me:
+39 335 7996811
For further questions I am available at any time. Do not hesitate to contact me!
I’m waiting for you in the cellars!!!