08/09/2017 An avant-grade stand in Bologna fair that will express the innovative soul of Settimo Pizzolato.

The future has organic roots. This is La Cantina Pizzolato's philosophy, which will be presented at the forthcoming Sana 2017, from 8 to 11 September 2017, with an exhibition space that will tell the organic soul of this winery from Treviso.
La Cantina Pizzolato will offer tastings of its own production, which is completely certified as organic and vegan, and that presents some peculiarities that make its wines 100% 'green'.

Malanotte 'Il Barbarossa', Raboso Piave DOC, Manzoni Bianco, Passiti wines and spirits are among its productions. Many types of Organic Prosecco are produced by la Cantina Pizzolato: 'The whole organic sector has a huge space in this fair, that we have been attending for years: a stage that allows organic companies like ours to tell and spread their philosophy, which for us has been completely organic since 1991.

'This year brings many news: not only the wine is produced with attention for the environment, but also the whole packaging, from light and recyclable glass to vegetable cellulose labels', says Settimo Pizzolato, the winery owner.
During the event, La Cantina Pizzolato will offer some tastings of organic spirits in order to make people know the Organic Cocktails through the well-established project 'Biorevolution'.

'We know that it is not enough to supply only wine to an organic bar – explains Sabrina Rodelli, sales manager of La Cantina Pizzolato – and for that reason we have been importing and also producing organic spirits, liqueurs and bitters for four years; once you mix them with our wines thanks to the barman's creativity, they finally offer the consumer a wide range of Organic Drinks, an unexplored field in the organic sphere'.

This is a project that enriches the BioRevolution, which La Cantina Pizzolato has always dedicated to the young people: first by bringing three new lower alcohol content wines all around Italy and now by offering organic bars a recipe book of organic mixings which will 'revolutionize' the cocktail list. The BioRevolution logo adds the new name of 'Organic Drink&Mix' and it will become the trademark of the bars that will subscribe to the project.

A desire to look to the future, therefore, with a spirit of solidarity: Settimo Pizzolato's intention, in fact, leads also to less expensive finished products which are affordable for everyone, in order not to exclude anyone from the chance to enjoy a 100% natural product.

Looking forward to meeting you!

Cantina Pizzolato