Carraresiwine: from 7th to 9th October art, wine and land come together at Ca

07/10/2017 Beyond the organic, ready for Carraresiwine: from 7th to 9th October art, wine and land come together at Ca

La Cantina Pizzolato, a pioneer company in organic wine since 1991, will be in the historical center of Treviso, at Ca' dei Carresi Museum from 7th to 9th October during an event that will recall the deep bond among art, oenological passion and the love for our own land. An evocative event, which will host some of our organic wines: two wines from farming traditions 'Il Barbarossa' 2013 Malanotte del Piave DOCG a vintage that received several awards so far and the Raboso Piave DOC 2014. The Manzoni Bianco DOC Piave another excellent wine which reflect and enhance the features of the Piave land and the Sparkling Prosecco Extra Dry 'Collezione di Famiglia' 2016, the latest production of the company made with the best grapes of one of the oldest vineyards of the company, a nearly 25 years-old-vineyards.

This event will become for La Cantina Pizzolato a great occasion to tell the origin of the organic production: the full-of-life past, a pristine environment, green, free from any chemical product, the same atmosphere that you can breathe nowadays in the vineyards and in the winery. Since 1991 Settimo Pizzolato steadly pursue the aim of bringing on the customers tables wines perfectly balanced with the surrounding environment, which always respect the health and the land. The term 'Organic' becomes a life-style. The company located in Villorba is searching for a way beyond organic, with a constant eye on the future and a continuous research in the oenological field, a fundamental aspect especially for organic wine producers. La Cantina Pizzolato has planted so far 15.200 new resistant vineyards, which has given the first results during the 2017.

Cantina Pizzolato