Saturday, 30 May 2015 Dinner with the Winemaker in Friuli Venezia Giulia


On Saturday 30, food-lovers will have the chance to have 'Dinner with the winemaker'. During the dinner, winemakers will tell visitors about their wines and about how to match them with good food.

Download here the menus


Fiume Veneto

Via Bassi, 81
Reservations: phone n. +39 0434 954455 _

      Welcome toast with beef tartare - Brut Fossa Mala
      Asparagus risotto with 'Pitina' - Sauvignon Fossa Mala
      Pineapple and ginger sorbet
      Sirloin steak with oregano pesto
      Roast potatoes - Refosco d.p.r. Fossa Mala
      Gorgonzola semifreddo with chocolate and pistachio sauce - Sclins Fossa Mala
      Mineral water, coffee

Price € 35,00 per person



at Osteria di Ramandolo
Ramandolo, Via Ramandolo, 22
Reservations: phone n. +39 0432 790009 _
The dinner begins at 8 pm

      Dill-flavoured salmon served with warm bread toasts and butter curls - Ribula, sparkling brut Ribolla Gialla
      Homemade tortelloni stuffed with asparagus and grated 'Scuete Fumade' (smoked ricotta from the mountains) - Sauvignon Friuli Colli Orientali 2014
      Barley risotto creamed with nettle and shaved lamb 'Pitina' - Pinot Nero Friuli Colli Orientali 2013
      Juniper-flavoured venison nibbles with polenta made from Godia's mill corn flour - Tazzelenghe Friuli Colli Orientali 2010
      Refreshing final with cedar fruit and mint
      Mineral water

Price € 35,00 per person

Via Peruzzi, 8
Reservations: phone n. +39 0432 674352 _
At 7 pm meeting at the Pontoni winery for the welcome aperitif with appetisers and Braides Brut
At 8.30 dinner at the Enoteca di Buttrio

      Raw blue shrimp, melon tartare and mashed mango - Chardonnay
      'Canestrelli' biscuits au gratin in a dried fruit coating - Pinot Grigio
      Squid fettucine, crunchy San Daniele ham and mashed green peas - Malvasia
      Maccheroni with small local calamari - Friulano
      Roasted gilt-head bream fillet with chive-flavoured potato flat bread -
      Sauvignon e/o Cabernet Franc
      Mousse with gianduia, strawberries, amaretto and hazelnuts - Picolit

Price € 37,00 per person

Camino al Tagliamento

Casali Maione, 8
Compulsory reservation, phone n. +39 0432 919106 _

      Welcome toast with tempura of seasonal delicacies - Sparkling Ferrin Rivus e Plebis Rosae
      Mixed hors d'oeuvre with marinated anchovies and asparagus tartare, sardines 'in saor' and thyme-flavoured shrimp puffs - Sauvignon Ferrin 2014
      Scallop and 'sclopit' risotto - Friulano Ferrin 2014
      Asparagus, cheese and ham cannelloni - Chardonnay Ferrin 2013
      Salmon in brine with pan cooked vegetables - Pinot Grigio Ferrin 2014
      Sponge with diplomat cream and strawberries - Verduzzo Friulano Ferrin 2014

Price € 35,00 per person


Via Antonutti, 38
Reservations: phone n. +39 0432 728890 _

      'Cook's fantasy' hors d'oeuvre
       Asparagus barley risotto
      'Pelmo' gnocchi
      Orange-flavoured pork jowl with roast potatoes and mixed vegetables
      Nougat semifreddo
      Wines, water and coffee

Price € 25,00 per person

Palazzolo dello Stella

Casali Isola Augusta, 4
Compulsory reservation, phone n. +39 0431 586283 _

      White salt cod with thyme-flavoured tomatoes and sweet-and-sour vegetables - Chardonnay
      Rigatoni with calamari and mackerel,
      onions, thyme pesto and walnuts, burrata cream - Pinot Grigio
      Grilled farm rabbit with asparagus and ramson pesto - Refosco riserva
      Millefoglie pastry with fresh fruit, fruit - Moscato rosa
      Illycaff? espresso

Price € 48,00 per person


Savorgnano del Torre, Via Attimis, 25
Reservations: phone n. +39 0432 666428 _

      Crunchy frico and wild herbs omelette - At Friulano 2011
      Barley risotto with Tavagnacco white asparagus - At Riesling 2009
      Pepper-flavoured pork fillets - Vocalis Merlot 2002
      Verduzzo Friulano-flavoured sorbet

Price € 29,00 per person

Savorgnano del Torre, Via Casali Jacob, 2
Reservations: phone n. +39 0432 647016 _
For the event, an exchange will take place between the renowned restaurant Osteria di Villafredda in Loneriacco di Tarcento and the Mont'Albano Agricola winery in Savorgnano del Torre: in both locations there will be a winemaker and a cook.

      Welcome with soft frico - Prosecco Extra Dry 2014
      Smoked Sauris ham with sweet-and-sour Tavagnacco asparagus.
      Ribis potatoes hearts with courgettes and courgette flowers - Friulano bianco secco 2013
      Barley risotto with green peas and Enemonzo 'fromadi frant' (Slowfood presidium) - Sauvignon Blanc aromatico 2013
      'Rosa delle vigne' Selection of red wine-flavoured rosé beef served with roast potatoes - Refosco d.p.r. 2013
      Biscuits from organic corn flour (Nadalutti farm in Reana) - Verduzzo Appassito 2014

Price: Ristorante di Villafredda - 12 seats available, € 35,00 per person; Vineria Mont'Albano - 40 seats available, € 28,00 per person

MARINIG di Marinig Valerio

at Trattoria Da Mario - Enoteca dello Schioppettino _ Piazza XXIV Maggio 16
Compulsory reservation, phone n. +39 0432 713004 (restaurant), +39 0432 713012 (winery) _
The dinner starts at 8.30 pm

      Welcome - Sparkling brut
      Beef rump carpaccio with tomatoes tartare - Sauvignon
      Wild herbs risotto - Friulano
      Lasagne with leek, Montasio cheese and sausages - Refosco d.p.r.
      Spiced pork fillet - Schioppettino di Prepotto
      Candied fruit salad with vanilla ice cream - Verduzzo Friulano

Price € 35,00 per person

at Agriturismo interno Al Vecchio Gelso _ Via Albana, 44 _
Compulsory reservation, phone n. +39 0432 713234

      Welcome aperitif and winery tour - Ribollicine 2014
      San Daniele ham, homemade salami - Friulano 2014
      San Daniele ham pappardelle with courgette flowers - Malvasia 2014
      Rabbit roll served with roast potatoes - Schioppettino di Prepotto 2011
      Fantasy dessert - Bianco del Gelso 2010


at Ristorante Ciseriis
Tarcento, Loc. Ciseriis, Via Crosis, 6
Reservations: phone n. +39 0432 785207 _

      Asino cheese bavarois with crunchy leek and San Daniele ham petals - Sauvignon il Roncat
      Potato gnocchi flavoured with nettle, butter and sage - Sauvignon il Roncat
      Maltagliati with Tavagnacco asparagus and 'Pitina' - Merlot
      Duck breast flavoured with seasonal herbs, orange sauce and mashed potatoes and spinach - Schioppettino Monte dei Carpini
      Gubana-flavoured 'morbido' with Ramandolo DOCG sauce - Ramandolo

Live music played by the guitarist Zanetti S.

Price € 38,00 per person

Trivignano Udinese

Clauiano, Via della Filanda, 2
Compulsory reservation, phone n. +39 0432 999367 _
The dinner begins at 8 pm.

      Welcome sparkling wine: fried rosemary-flavoured polenta - Brut Sparkling ARIIS
      From the mountains to the sea with mixed vegetables in a vinaigrette - Friulano
      Green asparagus crespella - Sauvignon
      Guinea fowl with julienne vegetables served with a spinach pie, cheese ... and the honey madeby our bees - Cabernet Franc
      Strawberries, whipped cream, chocolate mousse with vanilla ice cream with soft biscuits
      Coffee, grappa, digestives

Price € 30,00 per person - max 20-25 persons



at Terra & Vini _ Via XXIV Maggio, 34 - Loc. Brazzano
Reservation, phone n. +39 0481 60028 _

      Spring pie
      Courgette flowers stuffed with mint-flavoured ricotta
      Wild herbs 'cjalsons'
      Lukewarm beef on a bed of vegetables
      Strawberry tart or wild berries-flavoured ice cream

Paired with Livio Felluga wines


at Trattoria Al Ponte del Calvario _ Via Vallone delle Acque, 3 - Loc. Groina Piedimonte
Reservation, phone n. tel. +39 0481 889013 _

      Turkey breast carpaccio with pecorino cheese and Komjanc 'Oce As' olive oil
      Potato gnocchi with ramson
      Stuffed pasta with local asparagus
      Pork roll with cucumbers and carrots served with goriziana-style potatoes
      Custard pie with 'raffaello'
      Mineral water

Paired with Graunar 2013-2014 wines

Price € 30,00 per person


at Osteria Alla Fortuna _ Via Garibaldi, 19
Reservation, phone n. +39 393 9123758, 0481 412693, 338 2598057 _

      Lukewarm octopus with tomatoes and 'taggiasche' olives, tuna carpaccio on a bed of rocket - Sparkling Keit Bollicine di Malvasia Istrana
      Wild herbs ravioloni - Malvasia Istriana Doc Isonzo 2014
      Swordfish chop on a nest of valeriana salad and mashed green peas - Friulano Doc Isonzo 2014
      Millefoglie pastry with chocolate Chantilly cream - Verduzzo Passito

Live music

Price € 30,00 per person


at Osteria Codelli _ Via Codelli, 15
Reservation, phone n. tel. +39 0481 808104 _

      Welcome with appetisers - Ribolla Gialla Doc Collio 2013
      Asparagus pie - Sauvignon Doc Collio 2013
      Vegetable crespelle - Friulano Doc Collio 2013
      Mustard fillets with carrots and butter - Cabernet Sauvignon Doc Collio 2012
      House strawberry desert
      1/2 l. mineral water, digestive, coffee

Price € 30,00 per person

Ronchi dei Legionari

Via Roma, 63
Compulsory reservation before 23 May, phone n.+39 0481 475480

      Welcome with appetisers - Elisabetta Brut 2013
      White asparagus flan with egg cream - Sauvignon IGT 2013
      Petrilli rigatoni with local anchovies flavoured with wild fennel - Malvasia DOC Isonzo 2013
      Steamed desalinated salt cod, cooked in fata bags - Tocai Affreschi 2011
      Tenuta style sorbet
      Rack of lamb with Resia garlic with potato mousse - Merlot Affreschi 2011
      Mascarpone and strawberry sauce quenelle

Price € 42,00 per person

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