New labels for Rubesco and Torre di Giano


An important piece of news regarding one of our historic wines, Torre di Giano. The 2011 harvest of this wine will boast a restyled label, a new appellation and above all, enhanced quality and even more fragrant flavor. As we are all aware, we are definitely facing a change in climate, with effects that are inevitably felt also in the vineyard: especially in the case of some white grape varietals, the strong summer heat puts the vine to the test and risks producing excessive alcohol content in the resulting wine. We have always taken advantage of our company-owned vineyards to experiment in the viticultural aspects of production; recently, this research has been focused on obtaining wines that blend freshness and harmony with a moderate, not excessive alcohol content. These indications have guided us in the past years in experimenting with soil types, rootstock, varietals and blends, particularly with white grape varietals, in a framework that, together with respect for the environment, enhances the characteristics of each different varietal. An example of this research is Vermentino, with which we have been experimenting here in Torgiano for a number of years; it has brought excellent results and has maintained freshness and fragrance even in critical climactic conditions. We have decided, therefore, to include Vermentino in the blend for Torre di Giano starting with the 2011 harvest. This growing season has been particularly subject to the effects of the very hot and dry climate in August and September, confirming our forecast as well as supporting our theories. The Trebbiano grape, the latest-ripening of our white varietals, has in fact suffered the heat in the more exposed areas, resulting in significantly lower yields. We therefore gave precedence to the early-ripening varieties, obtaining with our Vermentino excellent ripening times and balance.  The opportunity prompted us to increase the percentage that we had originally planned: in fact, Vermentino is better suited to supporting the acidity of Torre di Giano and offers freshness and crispness as well as a lovely persistence on the finish, which are the identifying features of this wine. The blend for Torre di Giano 2011 is therefore 40% Vermentino, 35% Trebbiano and 25% Grechetto. Since the percentage of Trebbiano is less than the 50% called for in the DOC Bianco Torgiano appellation, we have consciously decided to release Torre di Giano as an IGT Umbria and no longer as a DOC. This is a bold choice which we are dedicating to our consumers, who will certainly appreciate the enhanced elegance and freshness of this wine.