Dinner in Cellar

28/05/2011 ... an unforgettable dinner in a charming and unique locations to discover the hidden feelings of the flavors of our land ...

Menù Cena del Vignaiolo 


 Buffet al fresco


Little pizzas topped with the flavours of spring

Vegetables in a dressing of extravirgin olive oil, sea salt and black pepper

Toasted bread drizzled with extra virgin olive oil

 Bean soup made with the 'Fagiolina del Trasimeno'

Hand carved, locally cuted meats

Umbrian cheeses, including Pecorino, served with honey and preserves

Cheese and broad beans 

Suckling pig, roasted in a wood oven

Mashed potato, flavoured with fresh herbs

Pork and Beans

'Vin Santo' with almond and Saffron Biscuits


The wines for tasting

La Bisbetica Rosé I.G.T. Umbria 2010 

Glanio D.O.C. Colli del Trasimeno 2009

Che Syrah sarà I.G.T. Umbria 2008

Capofoco I.G.T. Umbria 2008

Price all inclusive euro 35.00

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