Red or White? Wine Reveals Intentions: survey among wine lovers by the Osservatorio sui Consumi University of Verona for MTV Lombardy

30/03/2015 Red to Seduce, White for Fun

White or red? The choice between one wine and another is not simply a question of taste: it may even reveal the true intentions of the person who is offering it. If red has to do with the emotional side, it is served for more intimate moments and it is linked to seduction, then white is more related to the social aspect, conviviality and is linked to good times, nonchalance, simplicity and lightness of spirit.

Also, red always reveals something about who is serving it considering that it is chosen in a more thoughtful way because of its complexity. This is revealed by a survey carried out among wine lovers at the Lombardy Pavilion at Vinitaly in Verona by the Osservatorio sui Consumi delle Famiglia at the TeSis Department of the University of Verona for Movimento Turismo del Vino Lombardy, in order to trace symbolic meanings associated with wine by experts, lovers and simple consumers.

“Red wine,” explains Debora Viviani, Osservatorio researcher, “is more frequently associated with the story of a territory and, through its flavours and its aromas, alludes to the material culture and the place that [the wine] expresses. White is generally associated with simpler, more lucid moments with less involvement on the part of the person who serves it.”

Another aspect that has emerged from this study is that the crisis has modified consumer habits: the first priority is quality, and people are prepared to drink less but better. Therefore higher quality is sought after which is in line with a more general trend in the food sector.

“Regarding the age of consumers,” adds Debora Viviani, “our survey has revealed that young people are more prone to consume white wine, while as age increases so does the inclination for red wine.”

It is interesting to note then how even still being a masculine prerogative, the choice of wine represents a rite of passage that even women attribute the same qualities to, showing attention to and knowledge about the choices made by men. (Source WineNews)