39 Reasons Not to Visit Italy: American website BuzzFeed pokes fun at Italy one month before Expo

10/04/2015 American tourists, stay away from Italy. It is an ugly, insignificant, and boring place without anything to see, where there is nothing good to eat, and where it is hard to get excited about what you see

Have you visited all Italian cities? You may know Florence, Naples, Bologna and Milan. Italy is considered one of the richest countries in art and is currently the country which has the most UNESCO World Heritage Sites, 50 to be exact, followed by China and Spain. But BuzzFeed has come up with 39 reasons why it is the worst country in the world. Is it an April Fool’s joke?

Is this what they really think of us? Is there really someone who is boycotting our country just one month before Expo 2015 opens? No, it’s not (really) like that. The “provocation” comes from the famous and top-clicked website Buzzfeed from the USA (www.buzzfeed.com), which has decided to feature all things Italian with a long list of places and unforgettable experiences that are “Made in Italy”. It is done in an ironic and cheeky way, seemingly belittling what the world envies in Italy. Here are the most “insignificant” places chosen by Buzzfeed. As an example, there is San Gimigniano in Tuscany: “Never go there!” jokes the American website. (Source: Corriere.it)