Open Cellars 2015 in Calabria: delightful tastings and extraordinary tours in the land of the Riace Warriors (Sunday, May 31 and Tuesday, June 2)

02/06/2015 In addition to tasting and buying wines, the secrets of vinification and ageing to be revealed in Movimento Turismo del Vino Calabria cellars

Open Cellars is the biggest wine tourism event in Italy. Since 1993 on the last Sunday in May, the Movimento Turismo del Vino member wineries have opened their doors to the public to encourage direct contact with wine enthusiasts. Over time, Open Cellars has become a philosophy, a way to explore and to discover Italian wine territories, and it has seen an increasing number of tourists, wine curious and wine enthusiasts coming into the cellars hoping for a unique experience year after year. In addition to tasting and purchasing wine, visitors will be able to discover the secrets of vinification and ageing.

Calabria is also adhering to the event in its ten Movimento Turismo del Vino wineries. Visitors are asked to bear in mind that Open Cellars (Cantine Aperte) is a Movimento Turismo del Vino brand that is registered and protected by law in order to distinguish itself from any misuse/imitation and to guarantee quality and professionalism in hospitality, the distinguishing features of MTV wineries, to the consumer.

Donnici99 (
Donnici 99 Winery, in Contrada Verzano near Donnici Inferiore, is participating in the national initiative and will open its doors to the public to encourage direct contact with wine lovers. In the Cosenza area, Donnici has always been considered as exemplary terrain for quality agriculture, especially for wine. One of the DOC wines of the area actually takes the name of Donnici where the Donnici99 estate vineyards and olive groves are located. In the surrounding area, the winery has now become a benchmark for integrating innovative technologies and for valorizing the hilly terrain around Cosenza. For Open Cellars day, visitors can tour the wineries, go for long walks in the vineyards, and admire the array of landscapes on its grounds in the woods and oak grove down to the Albicello River which runs along the property line of the estate.

  • For further information: Contrada Verzano Donnici Inferiore, 87100, Cosenza (CS). 0984 781842 -
Movimento Turismo del Vino ALWAYS recommends verifying the dates and times of Cantine Aperte-Open Cellars 2015!

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