Cantine Aperte 2015 in Campania: on the eco-friendly food and wine trail (Saturday-Sunday, May 30 and 31)

30/05/2015 From food and wine tourism to environmentally friendly tourism: on Saturday and Sunday, May 30 and 31, the event featuring the best wines of the territory is back in Movimento Turismo del Vino wineries, and is sponsored by the Department of Agriculture of the Campania Region and Slow Food Campania

Winery tours, food and wine tastings, picnics in vineyards, theatre productions, musical shows, zero-mile markets, tasting and good agricultural practices seminars for adults and children: all this and much more for Open Cellars 2015 in Campania. A rich calendar of events in wineries that join the world of good drink with food, art, history and much more. It all takes place on Saturday, May 30 and Sunday, May 31 during Open Cellars, the spring event, which is seeing double this year.

The most anticipated wine tourism event of the year for wine lovers and foodies will go green in Campania, this year more than ever. Thanks to the synergy with Slow Food Campania and the Department of Agriculture, the MTV Campania member wineries participating in Open Cellars, with a series of seminars and exceptional hospitality practices, will reify a form of cultural, thematic, integrated and sustainable tourism over these two days. During the event, the spirit of the land of wine production will be tasted in glasses as well as in the typical products and will be experienced first-hand during tours of the territory and the wineries of production.

For the 23rd edition of Open Cellars, winemaking Campania of MTV will embrace sustainability, not only for the environment but also for the economy, territory and community. In fact, the 24 wineries that think globally will work locally through the carbon credit generation, through the creation and improvement of the management of environmental corridors present on the estates of the wineries themselves. Specifically, bushes and forests will be improved or created by symbolically planting a new tree at each winery during the event. To valorize even further the “cultural” riches of Campania felix, Slow Food Campania will sponsor tasting seminars and markets of local producers where the delicacies in the wine and food tradition of Campania can be discovered, tasted and purchased right where they are produced.

Movimento Turismo del Vino ALWAYS recommends verifying the dates and times of Cantine Aperte-Open Cellars 2015!

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