Cantine Aperte 2015 in Lombardy: the first national

02/06/2015 MTV Lombardy wineries

Cantine Aperte is the most important event in Italy that puts wine, its people and its territories in the spotlight. Only in Lombardy, on Saturday, May 30 (in the afternoon), Sunday, May 31 (from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.), Monday, June 1 (in the afternoon by reservation only), and Tuesday, June 2 (from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. in some wineries by reservation only), almost 100 wineries, members of Movimento Turismo del Vino Lombardy, will open their doors to wine lovers for classic wine tastings in addition to pleasant side events.

Wine lovers who enjoy travelling, meeting winemakers, tasting products of the territory, will be spoiled for choice. For those wishing to visit wineries on this day of spending time in the outdoors, they can go to the terraced lands of Valtellina, home of Nebbiolo, go for a walk over the rolling hills of Oltrepò, learn about the prestigious Franciacorta labels, or continue in the Garda area to taste the freshness of Lugana. This is all without forgetting the DOC wine of Milan that can be explored on the hills of San Colombano al Lambro where Colombano DOC Rosso and Rosso Riserva are produced. Pleasantly unexpected.

Movimento Turismo del Vino ALWAYS recommends verifying the dates and times of Cantine Aperte-Open Cellars 2015!

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