Cantine Aperte 2015 in Piedmont: the best wineries of Piedmont open their doors to wine lovers and not only (Saturday, May 30 and Sunday, May 31)

30/05/2015 Open Cellars 2015 is the biggest wine event that has taken place across the Piedmont territory for 23 years now. On Saturday, May 30 and Sunday, May 31, member wineries of Movimento Turismo del Vino will open their doors not only to wine enthusiasts, but also to those who are simply curious about wine

A must during Movimento Turismo del Vino Piedmont is touring wineries that open not only for wine lovers but also for those who are simply curious about wine. In this way, wine tourists can get to know and learn more about small wineries that are also big in their history, traditions, knowledge and passion and that offer direct human contact and exclusive wines. Visitors are spoiled for choice regarding the hospitality that is offered: from free tastings to tastings for a charge featuring pairings with local food products to having a meal in the cellar or even a stay overnight. The direct sale prices in the cellar prove to be very interesting for the consumer, enough to satisfy every pocketbook.

Given the success of the previous editions, the 2015 edition of Open Cellars promises to be rich in surprising and interesting initiatives destined to a broader and more varied public; among which, we find trekking in the vineyards for the athletic bunch, lunches and barbeques in the open air for foodies in addition to specific and in-depth tastings for experts. An event that has been evolving steadily and that has become a chance for exchanging, personal enrichment and discovery.

In addition to tasting the best wines in Piedmont, Open Cellars offers the possibility to personally experience the fascinating world of the winery, explore and taste the ancient art of winemaking. Those who will visit the wineries in Piedmont will not be limited to simple tastings, instead they will find themselves listening to stories, getting to know people and taking part in guided experiences led by those who live and work in direct contact with their territory every day.

Movimento Turismo del Vino ALWAYS recommends verifying the dates and times of Cantine Aperte-Open Cellars 2015!

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