Just how much do expert opinions influence consumers? A great deal when it comes to choosing a fine wine according to survey by

26/06/2015 Robert Parker tops the list followed by Jancis Robinson and Neal Martin

In the dynamics that lead up to purchasing a wine, there are a great number of contributing factors. However, when it involves choosing fine wine, meaning bottles of a certain prestige, expert opinions take on a more important role. But which wine writers are the most influential according to consumers? The British portal dedicated to wine collectors and professionals “Wine Owners” (/www.wineowners.com) joined forces with home cellar designers “Spiral Cellars” (www.spiralcellars.co.uk) as well as the market research provider “Effective Research” (www.effectiveresearch.com) to directly ask wine lovers through an especially detailed questionnaire based on 244 questions.

First of all, however, it is important to highlight the fundamental role the web and, obviously, the media play in decision making: 45.9% of those interviewed say that they use free wine websites to look up wines while 41% actually pay to access the websites of the most famous critics. While 44.1% of English wine lovers rely on recommendations of wine merchants, 37.8% blindly trust their friends’ advice, 32% have not given up on print media.

Keeping all this in mind, the “winner”, as is to be expected, is Robert Parker voted for by 56% of wine lovers, followed closely, and this is indeed a surprise, by Jancis Robinson with 49% while the next level on the podium goes to Parker’s successor in Bordeaux, Neal Martin (29%). Antonio Galloni’s platform “Vinous Media” also did well (26%), Stephen Tanzer also makes the grade (voted by 17% of wine lovers), and another publication “Burghound” (Allen Meadows) showed well with 22% just ahead of Tim Atkin (20%).