29/06/2015 Fourteen labels have been designed by big Italian artists for the winery from Teramo. With the M

Showing at the National Gallery of Modern Art in Rome are the fourteen “divine labels” made for Tenuta Cerulli Spinozzi by established names as well as young emerging artists in the Italian world of art. The fourteen “designer bottles” (the artists are Carlo Cecchi, Natino Chirico, Valentina De Martini, Emilio Farina, Sidival Fila, Mimmo Paladino, Chicco Margaroli, Ricardo Augusto Moro, Antonio Politano, Oliviero Rinaldi, Pietro Ruffo, Maurizio Savini, Marco Schifano and Croce Taravella) will be on display until October 11 at the gallery on Viale delle Belle Arti 131.

Flanking the “limited edition” bottles for the winery from Abruzzo, is “Corporate Art. L’azienda come oggetto d’arte” (Corporate Art – the company as a work of art) that features works sponsored by big companies including American Express, Telecom Italia, and Poste Italiane and that focuses on the link between artistic creativity and the company’s image.

The exhibition opened on June 25 and is promoted by M’AMA.ART in collaboration with LUISS Creative Business Center and the first crowdsourcing platform for art, pptArt.

M’AMA ART is a national brand that started in 2011 from an initiative by Alessia Montani, a lawyer from Abruzzo, to promote the Italian cultural, wine, and food heritage through the language of art.

The works of art and products that are connected to the project have already been presented in Italy and abroad at various exhibitions, conventions, charity auctions and other cultural or food and wine events.

There are also various charity initiatives linked to M’AMA ART. Part of the proceeds from the sale of the brand name products, including the Cerulli Spinozzi “divine labels”, will be used to finance charity projects in Africa and in developing countries. Among these is the initiative of the “Fabula in Art” association that works for the emancipation of women in Africa by granting microcredit for agriculture and craftsmanship (the association is actually involved in building a village-business in Mahajanga in Madagascar) as well as the medical service organization “Operation Smile” which provides surgery to correct cleft lip and palate formation in children in developing countries.