Carlo Pietrasanta (Movimento Turismo Vino Italy President): Renzi, fine on Italian wine but more focus on wine tourism

16/09/2015 The website does not represent us, we want to manage the wine tourism content

“We thank Premier Matteo Renzi for the announcement of the cancellation of the agricultural IMU and IRAP [tax] starting next year and also for having defined Italian wine as better than French wine. But we have a lot to learn from the French in wine tourism, just looking at the website, which does not represent us and, for this reason, we want to manage its content. We, therefore, ask for further attention from the Agricultural Department starting from the next ‘Testo Unico del Vino’ (national wine norms).” This is the comment from Movimento Turismo Vino President, Carlo Giovanni Pietrasanta, regarding the statement made today by the Prime Minister during the Italian Agriculture Day organized by Coldiretti at Expo 2015.

“Our wine tourism actually,” added Pietrasanta, “with its 5 billion euros worth of business, is the best way to publicize Italian wine. An important testimony of Made-in-Italy which has not yet found a home and not even a defined law and suffers from the dualism between tourism and agriculture which, paradoxically, seems to be a non-value in the eyes of the institutions. Therefore, what is needed,” concluded Pietrasanta, “is to go beyond this impasse, following the example of our French cousins, who have recently announced a huge investment to promote wine tourism, considered ‘a national treasure’.”