Full steam ahead in world tourism. Dario Franceschini: excellent opportunity, but only if sustainable. Economic, social, and cultural impact is explosive

29/09/2015 This, two days ahead of the festivities on the world day of tourism on Sunday, September 27

Considering that just under 70 years ago international tourists were less than 25 million, last year they were more than one billion, and the number is thought to double by 2030, it is clear how strong – even if not capitalized on enough - the economic, social, and cultural impact of tourism is, something that will be celebrated on World Tourism Day which the UNWTO, World Tourism Organisation, instituted in 1980.

Very aware of these themes is the Minister of Cultural Heritage and Tourism Dario Franceschini who, at an encounter about the general state of sustainable tourism that will take place in the Railway Museum of Pietrarsa (Naples) from October 1-3, says, “Tourism is a powerful factor in social, economic, and cultural growth which contributes to the wealth of the territories where it is developed and to the corresponding knowledge of one’s own artistic patrimony. In a world that is increasingly global where tourism is continually growing thanks to the introduction of emerging countries, the challenge is to identify a sustainable direction for development, capable of bringing tourism that is more aware and of broadening horizons.”

“A billion tourists, a billion opportunities: the theme chosen by UNWTO for tomorrow’s festivities help us reflect on the fact that tourism is enjoying a phase of great transformation caused by various factors, internally and internationally. It is one of the industries which counts the most in our country, which, among goods and services counts for 12% of the GNP, a key asset which boosts the balance of payments,” explains Cristiano Radaelli, ENIT Special Commissioner. (Source: ANSA)