06/10/2015 The universe of home restaurants did over 7.2 million euros of business in 2014. Last year 37,000

These are some of the numbers that are emerging from a report made by CST – center for tourism studies for Fiepet Confesercenti – on the home restaurant and social eating phenomenon. Homes, terraces and gardens are transformed into restaurants where foodies prepare their specialities for tourists, adventure-seekers or simply curious people, who are treated as personal guests that pay. The web is the ecosystem of home restaurants: from social networks to homeowners’ websites to platforms dedicated to social eating, privileged channels for the promotion and marketing of the events.

There are more than 7,000 active social cooks in Italy, with a trend set to increase in 2015 mostly in Milan, Rome and Turin with Bari being the most active area in the south. The average profit for each single event is equal to €194,000. According to Fiepet Confesercenti President, Esmeralda Giampaoli, “The phenomenon has lost its amateur character taking on an increasingly business-like approach. Home restaurants and social eating are a legitimate phenomenon of the market, but it is necessary to set clear boundaries between what is defined as sharing economy and what is instead a real business. For this, we find it worrisome that there are local administrations that support the phenomenon before any regulations are clarified”. (Source: Ansa)