Open Cellars for San Martino 2015 in Lazio: aged wines paired with the best products in the territory as the fall event returns

15/11/2015 On Sunday, November 15 with Open Cellars for San Martino in Lazio

Sunday, November 15 from 10:30 a.m. to 6:30 p.m. Movimento Turismo del Vino Lazio organizes and celebrates the latest initiative Open Cellars for San Martino, inspired by the old saying, “Nell’estate di San Martino si spilla la botte e si assaggia il vino” (It’s San Martino Summer time, pop open the barrel and taste the wine), an event as new as the wines which, for the occasion, will be offered to wine tourists: novello wine in addition to the latest vintages of fine aged wines.

Novello, messenger of the New Year that goes to market at the beginning of November of the same year as the harvest and is to be drunk by the following spring, arrives in November at the end of the harvest along with the first fog and first flavours of autumn. It is a fresh, fruity wine with hints of raspberry, cherry, and other delicious ripe fruits. Its colour is a lovely bright red, and it is young and dynamic. It is the pleasure of drinking simply and, for this reason, it is suitable even for new drinkers who love wine culture. In Lazio, it will be on for tasting along with cold meats, fresh cheese, and roasted chestnuts.

The Novello wine from Lazio is of top quality and contributes to the growth of the regional winemaking sector. Novello wine is ready after a few weeks following the grape harvest: this is obtained with a special technique, carbonic maceration, which makes it fresh and vinous. According to Italian law, in order to be called “Novello”, at least 30% of grapes must undergo carbonic maceration while the remaining 70% can be vinified by traditional methods. The method of production was created in France in 1934 taking the name from the area of production, Beaujolais Nouveaux, and, for some years, Italy has produced it creating quite an interest among consumers.

Unique experiences that will develop along the sensorial journey in the cosiest and most intimate part of the wineries during a time of great fermentation.

Most of the Movimento Turismo del Vino Lazio wineries will have aged wines available for wine tastings along with typical local products so that the Tasting Table will enrich your tour of the cellars also giving an opportunity to try typical products of the territory.

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