03/04/2023 The tourist cellars of the Movimento Turismo del Vino triple and diversify the offer for wine-enthusiast travellers.

Presented at Vinitaly today, April 3, with the minister Daniela Santanchè the largest survey ever carried out on wine tourism in Italy: 265 wineries and 145 municipalities of wine districts that photograph an accelerating tourism, with the increase in number and types of the experiences offered.
In Verona, on 3 April 30 years ago, the Movimento Turismo del Vino was born, the first association on wine tourism and today Città del Vino, Donne del Vino, La Puglia in Più and the Movimento celebrate the anniversary by showing the spectacular growth figures of this sector.
The survey by Nomisma - Wine Monitor directed by Denis Pantini and carried out by Roberta Gabrielli and Paola Piccioni constitutes the Observatory on wine tourism and is the most extensive ever carried out in Italy.
«Italian excellence, such as wine, is a strong driving force for tourism: a sector that can give great employment opportunities to our young people - said the Minister of Tourism Daniela Santanchè - For this too we must invest in their training and for this in budget law we have set up a fund of 21 million euro». «Working in the tourism sector requires sacrifice - continued the Minister - which must be rewarded. This is why we are thinking with Minister Calderone how to support companies». And again: «Wine tourism is growing because it is linked to an experience, it means being able to walk in the vineyards: 10 million visitors will come to see the harvest. But there is still a lot to do: first the appropriate signage, then boost digital and seasonally adjust tourism to stabilize workers as well. Promotion is still too fragmented, it must be organised: we must have the ability to network».

The most widespread type of tourist cellar in Italy is the small family one (39%) which appears to be particularly present in Campania, Puglia and Umbria. The cellars with historical or architectural significance follow (14%) which have the highest percentages in Veneto and Piedmont. Firms with famous or historic brands account for 12% of the total and are particularly widespread in Veneto and Sicily.
Piedmont, Tuscany, Friuli and Sicily are characterized by wine companies with particular scenic and naturalistic beauties (11%) while in Puglia and Umbria the share of well-organized wineries for incoming is higher.
«We are very satisfied - underlines Nicola D'Auria, National President of Movimento Turismo del Vino - with the growth of wine tourism services that has taken place in the last 10 years. And we hope that all the Cellars of the Movement, including those far from consolidated tourist itineraries and flows - critical issues that clearly emerged from the research - can help to awaken and involve the different territories. But one fact emerges in a clear and incontrovertible way: if before wine tourism traveled quickly, now it runs very fast. And there was no better news to celebrate the 30th birthday of our association».

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