Cantine Aperte - With the Wine Tourism Movement. A warm welcome to the wine tourist is the winery's strong point

25/05/2009 On the last week end of May, the 1000 member wineries of Italy's Wine Tourism Movement are open to the public with a variety of entertaining initiatives .

On the last week end of May, the 1000 member wineries of Italy’s Wine Tourism Movement are open to the public with a variety of entertaining initiatives . An invitation to the many wine enthusiasts and tourists to a responsible approach to wine tasting.
Some wineries have also adhered to the initiative “Tappo a chi” to promote environmental conservation in collaboration with Rilegno a company that recycles corks and the new Michelin Guide of Vineyard Itineraries.
The Wine Tourism Movement will celebrate Cantine Aperte throughout Italy on Sunday the 31st May that day approximately six million wine enthusiasts will travel around the country. The main attraction is not solely the high quality wines among which are some of the most representative of the “made in Italy” labels but also the hospitality, a distinction of the 1000 winery members of the Wine Tourist Movement.
To better celebrate the 17th year of activity the WTM has chosen to certify the  Hospitality Quality Services offered by the wineries, according to a Specification Contract for Hospitality in Wineries, in collaboration with the certifying body 3A PTA and awarding a Token specifying the corresponding grade level of hospitality offered by the winery.
Chiara Lungarotti, President of the Italian Wine Movement has confirmed the importance that the media has given to the two most notable events held throughout the year, Cantine Aperte and Calice di Stelle. This year the WTM intends increasing it’s members visibility not only through certification, which most certainly is a guarantee for the visiting tourist, by also issuing to every member winery a Terracotta Tile reproducing the association’s Logo as a symbol of the high quality reception offered to the visiting public and it’s membership to the WTM. In other words WTM will be recognised as an association serving excellent wines and hospitality.
No wonder the association’s motto is Vedi Cosa Bevi, “ Look at what you are drinking “.
Apart from the various yearly events both national and local, the Wine Movement intends contributing to a widely-circulated  cultural knowledge of wine, in order to promote the correct awareness towards wine consumption in total security to oneself and towards others
Over eight hundred cellars open to the public and one million enthusiastic visitors (+20% more than 2007) was the total of last year’s edition underlining also a notable increase in the female presence. An increase in the 25 to 35 age group that are conscientious drinkers and tend to show an interest in wines and food pairing and
all that helps to make a good glass of wine.
The Michelin Guide, Itineraries through the Vineyards of Italy the Canton Ticino and Istria, is the ideal travel guide to organize one’s itinerary  on the day of Cantine Aperte on Sunday  the 31st May. It provides detailed information for choice of destination, how to get there, where to stay and what to see. It can be found on sale in some of the most prestigious winery members of the Association on the day of Cantine Aperte,
Obviously wine tourism continues all the year round not just on the 31st May.
IN the regions of Piemonte, Lombardia, Emilia Romagna, Veneto and the Trentino Alto Adige,  are participating in the project: 
“Tappo a chi” in collaboration with the firm Consorzio Rilegno. With the Slogan “non dire tappo se non l’hai nel sacco”   ( Don’t say cork till you have it in the bag)
WTM and Rilegno are promoting the collection and recycling of used  bottle corks to encourage the visiting public to do the same thing from home.
While looking  forward to visiting the WTM wineries making sure to look for those exhibiting the association’s Terracotta Tile, for a day’s outing
among the vineyards, excellent wines and regional cuisine, we advise you to keep up to date with all the WTM activities by looking at the association’s website or on the regional associations’ sites.