"Calici Di Stelle-2009"Celebrates The International Astronomic Year In All Italian Piazzas And "Movimento Turismo Del Vino" Wineries.

06/08/2009 On August 10 , during the night of S. Lorenzo, the event "Calici di Stelle" comes back

On August 10 , during the night of S. Lorenzo, the event “Calici di Stelle” comes back; it is the traditional meeting with the most important kinds of wine under the meteor shower, offered by Movimento Turismo del Vino (MTV) and Città del Vino Associations, which invite the visitor to toast, with moderation.
A common thread will link all Italian wine lovers under the banner of better wine and responsible drinking. In many piazzas and member wineries, it will be the chance to take the “breathalyzer”, to measure one’s alcoholic rate before driving. A disposable breathalyzer, with the unmistakable logo of the big Italian summer event, will be freely distributed to all wine lovers.
Movimento Turismo del Vino and Città del Vino would like to spread in this manner a clear and concrete message about the importance of a responsible drinking culture, which is the only way to appreciate the quality of wine, respecting oneself and others.
The twelfth edition of “Calici di Stelle” will be a special moment to toast to the year 2009 as International Astronomic Year and for this important feast the programme will be rich in meetings with the “Unione Italiana Astrofili” experts, who are keen on the sky and its secrets, and they will be glad to show to the public all the beauties of the night sky.
“Calici di Selle” will enliven the numerous and prestigious MTV wineries and many beautiful Città del Vino piazzas in Italy with art, music, folklore and, obviously, with the main character of the event: wine. Expert oenologists and producers will guide and delight with tastings for fans of good wines, introducing them to typical quality products, which are the local heritage of every region offering the event.