12/05/2011 For the most awaited Wine Day of the year MTV aims to develop a conscious and quality wine tourism with special tour packages. EnoSfiziosi new routes to travel Italy of the wine together with Olivia & Marino

For the most awaited Wine Day of the year MTV  aims to develop a conscious and quality wine tourism with special tour packages.

EnoSfiziosi new routes to travel Italy of the wine together with Olivia & Marino

New Appointment with Open Wineries on Sunday, May 29th, 2011 in more than 1,000 Italian wineries members of the Wine Tourism Movement.The event, which always aims to establish a direct relationship between producers and the passionate public of consumers, in a more general prospective of enhancement of the rural and culture heritage, now in its 19th edition in 2011, has one more goal: to promote wine tourism in Italy, making it more enjoyable by placing at its heart the many kinds of wine and production areas, proposed in an original and unusual way.
We have been moving in this direction – explains the National President of  Wine Tourism Movement, Chiara Lungarotti – for several years. The year 2011 represents the turning point for the association's activities. Not by chance for this nineteenth edition we have chosen this Open Wineries 2011 slogan: traveling becomes, with the will to emphasize the theme of travel meant as cultural enrichment”.
In 2011, in fact, comes to an end the long and complex Hospitality certification process of all wineries under the "Decalogue of Hospitality" that the Movement has since 2008 and, in respect of which, now more than 600 of the thousand member wineries and distilleries, have completed the process and are expected to guarantee the “accoglienza coi fiocchi”.

To witness to the importance and the innovation of the certification the Movement has partnered with four important companies of the Italian tourism marketing and events industry, for the creation of special tourist packages related to wine, that will start with Open Wineries. Thanks to Naar Tour Operator, the official tour operator of the Italian Touring Club, to Emozioni Italiane tour operator qualified in incoming TO on the whole Italian territory, the Wine Tourism Movement will be able to offer special weekend packages to give to wine tourists unforgettable travels in the fascinating land of wine with stops in the most suggestive wineries.
Original and equally "delicious" is the proposal of MTV in collaboration with EATinerari which will provide wine lovers with unmissable gift experiences signed "EATinerari of taste" in MTV wine enterprises and, finally, another important partnership is with the agency RAM for di...Wine marriage that offers to newlyweds the chance to personalize their wedding making it an event inspired and set in the fascinating world of wine and oenology.

With the same objective, for the current year the Movement has forged an original partnership with Olivia & Marino, their debut will be on Open Wineries Day with the launch of EnoSfiziosi routes together with "La Bottega di Olivia&Marino”. On Sunday, May 29th you can choose to follow one of the six proposed routes, together with the delicious baked goods Olivia & Marino discovering the selected wineries of the Movement, the taste of local specialties and the wonderful Italian territories, suited – in this case – to the production of wine. You can download the EnoSfiziosi routes on and
Even this year, next to MTV in Open Wineries Day, are confirmed special partnerships with the major brands in the world's wine accessories as Rastal, leader in production of chalices and glasses and, Pulltex, a company specialized in  production of modern and design wine accessories, which will be even greater pleasure to taste the excellent wines from the MTV wineries with. The last one among technical partners 2011, added just before Open Wineries, is Spes Integrated Technological Solutions, a young company, specialized in softwares that allow wineries to manage an eco compatible production in its different steps.
The partnership with Hertz has been renewed for the third straight year, this partnership giving many offers for wine lovers and wineries themselves, offers the opportunity to visit wineries in a comfortable way, in economy and respecting the environment.

Once again in 2011 the initiative Open Wineries in Feltrinelli, in collaboration with Feltrinelli Libraries and Gribaudo Gusto. This event provides the preview of the many initiatives planned for Sunday, May 29th, for the public and for local journalists in several libraries Feltrinelli across Italy with the participation of experts from the world of wine and food.
"Last year - concluded the President Lungarotti - in nearly a thousand MTV Open Wineries we had over a million wine tourists, especially young people, in couples or in groups. A great result for us not only from a quantitative point of view, but also qualitative, if we think that this million people is approaching wine in a more conscious and responsible way. Even if they cannot be called experts, they know and want to know enough to appreciate the wine at its best, alone or in combination, and they especially appreciate the atmosphere and the richness of a vacation like the one offered at Open Wineries. The Wine Tourism Movement, with its activity, its continuing and new proposals and the important collaborations aims to respond to this need for quality and culture of wine tourism demand."

See you, then, in the wineries of the “Wine Tourism Movement” on Sunday, May 29th for the entire day (in some regions also on Saturday 28th)! On the site you will soon find all the scheduled initiatives, but also the special tour packages that will take you to wineries all year long.
To be always in connection with the Wine Tourism Movement, you can also become a friend on Facebook in “Movimento Turismo Vino Italia” page or in the specific Open Wineries page “Cantine Aperte”, that in one year counts more than 33 thousand members (+ 15% compared to 2010), especially in central Italy (Lazio in pole position with 10 thousand members and Umbria, with almost 4 thousand) but also in the north (Lombardia and Piemonte, respectively, with 5 thousand and 4 thousand fans).