“The crisis has not stopped a million of tourists that between Saturday and Sunday went in more than nine hundred open wineries throughout Italy.– says satisfied Chiara Lungarotti, second term President of the Movimento Turismo del Vino - The success of an event as Open Wineries is due to the fact that the different actors involved – The Movimento itself, the wineries members, tour operators and institutions - are able to do more and more a team game and the result is a tourism offer richer and more interesting”.

 Particularly appreciated by the wine lovers the parallel events organized by the wineries. Not only wine tasting but also touristic itineraries to discover the nature and the beauty of the area, children's activities, art exhibitions allow a varied public to have fun and learn at the same time. The wineries that have a wider range are those most chosen by tourists, who evidently are carefully informed and choose the right wineries also according to the  initiatives proposed.
Open Wineries day 2011 has been a success all over Italy, also because of the good weather, with summer temperatures, that there has been everywhere, from north to south Italy. More and more young people, curious and attentive, approach wine.
 “In our opinion, - continued President Lungarotti - this is a good sign because it means that young people, between 20 and 35 years old, want to deepen their wine knowledge, obtaining a better awareness about characteristics and consumption of wine. I think that is the result of the activity of wine information and culture undertaken by the Movement during these years also through Facebook”
And if the trip was the theme of this nineteenth edition of Open Wineries, the public did not want to miss the opportunity to travel around the beautiful country with organized tours and packages, low cost or even free.
In fact, the Movement tour operators partners' touristic proposals, as well as the Enosfiziosi itineraries specially created by Movimento Turismo del Vino and La Bottega di Olivia& Marino, available online at and, have been a success of requests for information and registrations.
Five stops in each itinerary to enjoy, in so many excellent wineries, local wines in combination with the bakery specialties Olivia & Marino, perfect for a relaxing or a special moment spent having an aperitif.
The delicious stops, born with the goal of promoting the wine culture visiting production places, have been departed to five places of historical, cultural, archaeological and natural interest: an easy guide to discovering the real whim among the beauties of Italy in the company of the bakery products Olivia & Marino.
 Among the regions most visited by wine lovers Friuli Venezia Giulia, with over 200 thousand presences from Austria, Germany and from all of North Italy, Piemonte, which has seen record presences thanks to the concurrent initiative of Open Castles. In Emilia Romagna was particularly evident the participation of wine tourists to organized routes and also  the volume of sales in winery has been increased.
Moving from north to central Italy, Lazio has had an increase flow of tourists (25 thousand on 19 open wineries in the region), also recalled by the companies' cultural offerings. Even in Marche has revealed an increase of visitors, very attentive and interested. In the south, Puglia and Campania have confirmed the growing success of Open Wineries, while in Sicily if the number of tourists has been flat compared to last year, has certainly increased the interest of the same towards the local wine, with depth attention.
The flow has tended to rising everywhere in winery, where, however, what has been highlighted was the special attention shown by visitors towards wine itself, definitely one more source of satisfaction for winemakers given the commitment and care they produce it with.
Special thanks also goes to the technical partners of Movimento Turismo del Vino such as Rastal, whose glasses have allowed the public to enjoy the best the wines in various wine tasting, Pulltex a leading manufacturer of modern designed wine accessories, Spes integrated technology solutions and, finally, Hertz, thanks to which many people have been able to reach the wineries in comfort and environmental friendliness.
If Open Wineries has provided a good opportunity to take part in these itineraries of taste, any time of the year can be so, since the offer is always available on Meanwhile, the next meeting will be Saturday, June 4th  with Sabato On Wine in the participating wineries.