It will be through the undoubted quality of Italian wines that the Movimento Turismo del Vino and the Cities of Wine will celebrate the unity of the country, on August 10th, in the streets and wineries from northern to southern Italy.
The wine once again to unify Italy, with the numerous initiatives that will be put in place by over 200 Towns members of the National Association “Città del Vino” and by the wineries members of Movimento Turismo del Vino during Calici di Stelle, the next August 10th.
The toast under the stars, that this year takes place for the fourteenth consecutive year on the night of San Lorenzo, will be with many wines of each region. A richness of nectars that makes unique the Italian wine production and that has in the high quality the unifying feature from northern to southern Italy.
For the occasion will be also created a special Unit of Italy's Goblet, which in addition to the traditional logo Calici di Stelle will have painted on the foot, the Italian flag symbol of the 150° anniversary. The goblet will allow to enjoy the best the wine but it will be also a reminder of the special edition of Calici di Stelle 2011.
"Calici di Stelle this year will be a very special edition - said Chiara Lungarotti, president of Movimento Turismo del Vino - with which we pay tribute to our country using one of its flagship products, wine, fruit of the labor and passion of many big and small producers, who over the years have made great and united Italy towards the rest of the world. It is always more necessary, now, a team game of firms and institutions to release the wine industry from a crisis that cannot be hidden but can be resolved due to the quality of the product. Through events like Calici di Stelle we aim to stimulate a conscious tourism towards the world of wine, which is essential to create interest and loyalty of the consumer."
Even for the President of La Città del Vino, Giampaolo Pioli, it's necessary a team game, putting together public and private, "but many problems remain, first of all the cuts to local finances which do not enable investment on promoting as would be necessary. We are also convinced that there must be a single national director in this sector, who rationalizes the available resources and allows to promote, especially abroad, our wine industry where wine tourism plays a strategic role.
In this regard, we welcomed the signing of the protocol of agreement by the Ministries of Tourism and Agriculture to support the promotion of the Italian taste itineraries, the content of which was the object of a specific intervention in the course of our International Forum on Wine Tourism which took place in Cagliari on June 11th. Now we expect to pass from words to deeds  and we can actually see which promoting actions are means to achieve. "  
Even the respect for the environment will be the star of the event with many initiatives implemented by individual towns with the aim of raising awareness of the reuse, use of alternative energies, energy saving and recycling. Topics of particular interest to the public but also to the wineries that produce more and more often with a reduced environmental impact. It's right on this line that one of the new partners of the Movement , Spes, works. It takes care of realizing softwares that optimize and reduce waste in the winery during some phases of production.
It will be, therefore, rich and varied the program of the event, which will complement the wine and typical products tasting, exhibitions, music, outdoor shows and itineraries to discover the views lesser known but no less impressive. On this occasion the Enosfiziosi itineraries, created by Movimento Turismo del Vino and signed by La Bottega di Olivia & Marino, are enriched to bring wine tourists around in the Italy of Taste, to villages, wineries, history and art in company of delicious bakery products Olivia & Marino.
And the group of the other official loyal partners of the Movement, which Rastal, Pulltex, Hertz, accompanies with its proposals the user to discover the lands of the wine and, the winery member to facilities more and more qualified.
For fans of stars and for the curious will also be possible to discover the constellations and the sky secrets thanks to the experts of the Italian Union Astronomers. Finally, to raise awareness of a moderate consumption of wine in many cities of the wine you will receive a free Etilotest disposable signed Calici di Stelle.