Calici di Stelle: the most anticipated glamorous event of the summer for wine lovers set for August 4-10 at MTV wineries

10/08/2015 From August 4 to 10 at Movimento Turismo del Vino wineries and in the city squares of the Città del Vino, wine lovers become the absolute stars for the most enchanting collective toast of the summer

On August nights, the lights are dimmed to observe the stars and glasses are raised during Calici di Stelle to make a toast from north to south in Italy.

It is the most anticipated glamorous event of the summer that succeeds in enchanting the lovers of good drink and others who are charmed by the idea of raising their glasses all together from one city to another under the starriest night of the year to celebrate a common passion for great wines that are made in Italy. This is “Calici di Stelle” (Wine Glasses of Stars), the most famous collective toast in Italy from Piedmont to Sicily, from Tuscany to Puglia, throughout the entire country from August 4 to 10 set in Movimento Turismo del Vino cellars and in the city squares of Città del Vino that are preparing to welcome a million wine lovers.

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