When a holiday resort is in the cellar. Enotourists visit vineyards to pick the essence of a land and its wine

15/04/2013 Spectacular itineraries bring 3 million tourists to Italy

When travellers visit a cellar or stroll through a vineyard, they get in tune with the land they are visiting. They penetrate the deepest roots, smell the fragrances, breathe in the history, and savour the flavours. This is what makes the trip memorable. The slogan of the Planeta Winery in Sicily clearly conveyed this concept at Vinitaly, “Every territory has its own cellar.” And, therefore, its own wine.

You don’t need to be an expert to feel the spirit of a wine, its terroir, in every place you visit. In this way, each trip has its wine, which tells the story of that piece of land to all travellers. It is an experience that an increasing number of tourists want to have personally in the cellar. Raising a glass to the land is the goal of the trip. Not only for the already very popular Open Cellar Sunday, “Cantine Aperte” (on May 26 this year), but also during longer periods of time and at different times of the year.

The Movimento Turismo Vino estimates that there are three million enotourists travelling around Italy for a value of 5 billion euros. At the last edition of the International Wine Tourism Conference, this refers to tourists who, in 87% of cases, come from abroad (20% from Germany, 8% from the United States and 2% from Asian countries). These are already significant numbers, which, according to experts, represent only 20% of the potential market.