Winenews-Vinitaly Survey: Wine a must for every other wine lover

03/07/2013 Red tops the list and it is bought in the cellar with spending on average between 15 and 20 euros a week. Here are the wine habits

 Vino on the table? A must-have for every other wine lover: red, that is, and it is bought in the cellar. Here are the wine habits “at home”, old faithful at table that wine connoisseurs, even during times of crisis and despite the fact that wine consumption per capita is declining, do not miss out on (53%).

Most buy it right at the winery (30%) spending on average between 15 to 20 euros per week. The favourite? Red (60%) strictly in bottles (93%) and chosen based on personal tastes (83%). They do not experiment with new wines, but rather they stick with old faithful. This as per the results of a survey by, one of the most clicked websites by wine drinkers, in conjunction with Vinitaly ( the annual international wine event.

The survey was answered by 1,1121 loyal wine lovers in the world of wine and on the web. The numbers speak clearly, wine consumption in Italy has decreased to 22.6 million hectolitres in 2012 (39 litres per capita) losing 62% in 25 years, but there are still those who remain steadfast in the tradition of their daily drink at table for lunch or dinner with family or friends. The majority of wine lovers (53%) say they consume wine everyday with 34% pouring a glass two or three times a week while 11% enjoy a glass once a week and only 2% two or three times a month.

Thus wine is a must, but there are also a few standards that must be respected: it must be in glass. Wine in the bottle is favoured by 93% of participants, only 7% preferred cask wine while box wine did not make the list.

Finally the wine par excellence served at home on a daily basis by wine lovers, excluding special occasions when more prestigious wines are favoured, is red wine (60%) with Barbera, Chinati and Lambrusco topping the list. White wines are the favourite for 20% of those polled with Trebbiano and Chardonnay in the lead. At 17% is sparkling wine with Prosecco above all and finally rosé makes the survey with 3% of the vote. (Source: Winenews)