Raising a glass to music and wine at Calici di Stelle 2013 on the night of the shooting stars

08/07/2013 The most anticipated night of the summer returns to Tuscany on August 10th

A mid-summer night’s dream and magic spell unite with music and wine on the night of the shooting stars with Calici di Stelle (Glasses of Stars), the event sponsored by Movimento Turismo del Vino in collaboration with Città del Vino (Cities of Wine) that will commemorate the 200th anniversary of Giuseppe Verdi’s birth and will make a return to piazzas and dozens of cellars in one of the most enchanting regions of the Boot. One the night of San Lorenzo, traditionally the night of the shooting stars, wine lovers will take the lead in the most anticipated toasts of the summer at tastings and other initiatives under the stars including music and shows. A chance to live the magic of the most alluring territories of the Grand Duchy on the night of the shooting stars dedicated to the best wines and the cultural riches of Tuscany.

“With Calici di Stelle,” states new president of Movimento Turismo del Vino Tuscany Violante Gardini, sales manager and daughter of Donatella Cinelli Colombini, “starts a new adventure for the whole ‘team’. I am ever more convinced that Tuscany is to be considered the top place in the world for its fine wines, its uncontaminated landscapes, its art and culture and its traditional cuisine; an unbeatable mix that must be supported by a network of services for tourists of an exceptional level. This is confirmed by the growing success of Calici di Stelle, which, uniting the charm and excitement of the night of San Lorenzo to the different initiatives ‘by candlelight’ in the Tuscan Movimento Turismo del Vino cellars and in the Città del Vino town squares, gives wine lovers a unique experience.”

“The new Movimento Turismo del Vino Tuscany executive,” adds the Vice President of Movimento del Turismo del Vino Tuscany, Federico Taddei, “is young, full of ideas and determined to work hard to promote the territories of great Tuscan wines. Our ‘debut’ will be for Calici di Stelle and we are convinced that by staying united, by putting our energies and ideas together starting with this summer event, we will be able to achieve big goals conveying our love for the land and passion in making great wines. The homage to Giuseppe Verdi, dancing in cellars and tasting fine wines under the shooting stars, will be a way to unite the culture and millenary history of Italian wine with the greatness and universality of this famous composer’s music, ambassador of Italy the world over.”

“I have known about Movimento Turismo del Vino since my childhood,” concludes Violante Gardini, “ and I believe that Calici di Stelle is an important opportunity to draw attention to and to raise the curtain on the most beautiful places in Tuscany offering many tourists and wine lovers a chance to discover, get interested in and appreciate its excellence. A territory made up of many little centres but each with its own uniqueness and characteristics, all to discover and taste under the starry sky of the night of San Lorenzo.”

Further informations: www.mtvtoscana.eu