Calici di Stelle in Molise, beaches, castles and historic villages

28/07/2013 August 6, 8 and 10

There are three events this year organized by Movimento Turismo Vino in Molise for Calici di Stelle, a unique opportunity to enjoy the night sky display with glass in hand on the beach, in castles and historic villages. It all starts on August 6 with “Calici di Stelle on the Beach” at Termoli Lido. At the foot of the splendid backdrop of Termoli town centre, there is the stretch of beautiful beach, Cala Sveva, where you can admire the old fishing trabucchi and the Svevo Castle (on the Cristoforo Colombo promenade).

This will be the setting for a starry night with live music, culinary delights by chef Massimo Talia and fine wines from MTV cellars in Molise presented by sommeliers from AIS Molise. There is also a Calici di Stelle event on Thursday, August 8 in the town centre and castle in Miranda; wine tourists who love a good glass will be able to taste the best wines of Molise including PDO wines Biferno, Molise, Tintilia and Pentro and PGI Terre degli Osci, led by the expert and experienced sommeliers from AIS Molise while admiring the stars from the ruins of the little Castle of Miranda which sits on a rocky spur dominating the surrounding valley.

It all ends on August 10, the night of the shooting stars on the feast of San Lorenzo, in the centre of Montenero di Bisaccia (in Liberty Square) when wine tourists will be able to taste the best wines from Molise chosen by the expert and experienced AIS Molise sommeliers. The most beautiful night sky of the summer can be admired with the support of ADRAM astronomers accompanied by music from the group LOUIS Mr. JAZZ.