Calici di Stelle (August 10) Movimento Turismo del Vino and Citt


The magic of shooting stars goes hand in hand with wine and music on the night of San Lorenzo.
On August 10, Calici di Stelle, the event put on by Movimento Turismo Vino in collaboration with Città del Vino, lights up hundreds of town centers and cellars across Italy toasting Giuseppe Verdi on the occasion of the 200th anniversary his birthday. The program is brimming with events for wine lovers, neophytes and the curious who will celebrate Bacchus during the starriest night of the year and admire the celestial vault with experts from the UIA, Italian Union of Stargazers.

In the Veneto region, there is “Calici di Stelle in alta quota” (Up High) in the mountain lodges of Cortina d’Ampezzo: an itinerary of food, wine and cultural offerings, enriched with “starry dinners” across the Dolomites. From the wines of the Valle d’Aosta to those of the seaside in Liguria and the wines of Lombardy and Piedmont, the event is set for August 9 in Milan at the Alzaia Naviglio Grande with a food and wine pairing dedicated to the northwest of Italy (Lombardia, Piedmont, Valle d’Aosta, Liguria and Canton Ticino). In Puglia the tribute to Giuseppe Verdi will be on August 6 in Trani and August 10 in Copertino with the show, “Ogni parola è musica” (Every Word is Music) in Trani and the concert of “Museo delle Radio d’Epoca” of Verona in Copertino in addition to the dance and musical performances organized by the Puglia Wine Love company in both cities.

In Umbria, just outside Perugia, glasses will be raised in the historical setting of Castello di Ramazzano (XII century) between Guelph castellated walls and secret frescoed rooms (Cantine Aliani). From “cocktail-dinner” with live music in Foligno (Terre de Trinci), guided tastings in Montefalco (Antonelli San Marco) and toasts at the Museum of Wine in Torgiano (Lungarotti), there is time to observe the starry sky with the AIA ‘Paolo Maffei’, Italian Association of Stargazers, from Perugia. To tour Arnaldo Pomodoro’s shell-shaped cellar (Tenuta Castelbuono), the date is August 11 in Bevagna (PG) where wine lovers can take part in a wine-astronomic tasting with the Antares Association. Eyes to the sky also in Piedmont with Asteroidi e dintorni (Asteroids and Surroundings) with the Astronomical Observatory of Pino Torinese.

Campania and Tuscany celebrate the falling stars to the notes of music: jazz by Cavalier Pepe (Sant’Angelo All’Esca – AV) with the “Penta Jazz Quintet”; a candlelight tribute to Verdi with classical music and aperitif in the cellar at Terredora (Montefusco-AV); the Guardiense in Guardia Sanframondi (Bn) toasts to the tempo of a waltz from the first act of La Traviata. In Trequanda (Si) on August 10 there is dancing among the barrels (Fattoria del Colle) or on August 6 at Baldetti’s the falling stars await lulled by the notes of the piano in Cortona (Ar). And in Sicily at Feudo Ramaddini (Marzamemi – Sr) Calici di Stelle takes on the theme “Wine, Stars and Rock’n’Roll” while at Porto Turistico di Licata the theme is archaeology with tastings (Quignones and Tenuta Barone La Lumia) and the presentation of a wine amphora from the V century B.C. found in the area. Poolside cocktails and moonlit tour of the vineyards at the foot of Etna are on in Castiglione di Sicilia (Etna Wine) where you can tour the cellar with the biggest chestnut barrels in the world. Charity evening in Friuli Venezia Giulia where all proceeds from Grado (August 9-10) will go to the Committee for Sport, Culture and Solidarity.

In the historic center of Serdiana in Sardegna on August 9, there will be Argiolas and Pala wine tastings, live music and exhibitions by artists and artisans. in Molise, after the debut on the beach at Cala Sveva (Termoli) on August 6, Calici di Stelle moves to the Castello di Miranda on August 8 and closes on August 10 in the center of Montenero di Bisaccia with tastings guided by AIS sommeliers, all accompanied by the music of Louis Mr. Jazz.