Calici di Stelle in Puglia, spotlight on Trani and Copertino

01/08/2013 Tuesday the 6th and Saturday the 8th of August: tastings, concerts and events in the cellar

“Calici di Stelle” is lighting up Puglia ( Two events are on for this 15th edition, conceived and organized all over Italy by Movimento Turismo del Vino along with the usual collaboration of the national association, Città del Vino, made possible in Puglia thanks to the support of the Puglia Region, Department of Food and Agricultural Resources.

It starts on Tuesday, August 6 in Trani, enchanting spot on the Adriatic, which, after the extraordinary success of the last edition, is confirmed as the base for the center-north of the region. It continues on Saturday, August 10 in Copertino (Le), splendid city of the Salento famous for the veneration of Saint Joseph, patron saint of air travelers and aviators, and for the majestic Renaissance castle, which is an important example of military architecture. “I timpani, gli occhi e il palato (the timpani, the eyes and the palate). Movimento Turismo del Vino is used to this symphony of the senses,” states Fabrizio Nardoni of the Food and Agriculture Resource department in the Puglia Region, “and we, as Department of the Food and Agriculture Resources of the Puglia Region, have made this a component in development in general by giving value to our uniqueness and passion in the Apulian way. This is why the 2013 edition of Calici di Stelle extols the performance of wine, our ambassador in the world, and turns it into a magic musical carpet on the starry night in Puglia, alongside the notes of Verdi and the stones of the Cathedral in Trani or the Church of Saint Joseph in Copertino. This local standard is inimitable and unrepeatable anywhere else. This is Puglia.”

In both cities, visitors can taste the labels of the best wineries of Daunia al Salento, visit the main monuments and participate in mini tasting courses. Over 50 participating wineries will each have a tasting table with a sommelier and a wine taster from AIS Puglia.
“Calici di Stelle is an extra opportunity for the winemaker to renew his commitment to the territory,” underlines Sebastiano de Corato, president of Movimento del Turismo del Vino Puglia, “by investing in an event which attempts to consolidate its links to excellence. Something special this year is that Puglia can promote its prestigious award as the Top Wine Destination, given to our region by the American magazine ‘Wine Enthusiast’; we invite the thousands of tourists who choose Puglia as their holiday destination to discover and live the representative cities of Trani and Copertino for just one night and to indulge in the wonderful food and wine of the region, which not only benefits the wine sector, but all connecting sectors.”

There will be info points welcoming visitors at the entrances to the cities where the “Calici di Stelle Kit” can be purchased at 10 euros containing a wine glass in a handy pouch, a book of 8 tickets for tastings, a pack of taralli and a guide. True wine lovers can also participate in wine tastings of the best DOC labels in the two territories; Moscato di Trani DOC in Trani and Copertino DOC in Copertino (free with purchase of kit, by reservation only). The theme of this edition is the homage to Giuseppe Verdi on the 200th anniversary of his birth. Movimento Turismo del Vino also celebrates this worldwide tribute with cultural events dedicated to art in music of the genius from Busseto.
In Copertino, for example, the majestic Castle will be the hub of a series of initiatives taking place separately: the show “Grammofani in concerto” by Alberto Chiantera, director of the Museum of Antique Radios in Verona, in addition to the itinerary which invites visitors to participate in the wine tasting game “a prova di naso” (smell the clues), to visit an antique radio exhibit (by the Museum of Antique Radio association), to admire a precious collection of antique prints and to observe the falling stars. Both in Copertino and Trani, for those who wish to envelop themselves in the enchanting cosmic atmosphere and star travel, the A.S.L.A. Astronomic Association of “San Lorenzo” of Casarano (Le) will offer the possibility to use their telescopes free of charge to observe the skies including the Moon and its surface (craters and seas), the planet Saturn with its rings, clusters of stars, nebulae and binary stars.

The tribute to Verdi is at the forefront also in the splendid city of Trani for the show, “Ogni parola è musica” (Every Word is Music) by musician and singer Pino Ingrosso. In both cities the artistic program also includes a dance and music recital by the Puglia Wine Love company. At the end of the evening a breathalyzer will be made available for those who wish to check their blood-alcohol level to avoid any potential risks.
The renown and overall appreciation of this event raises hope that this year it will be as successful as past editions. In 2012, for example, over 60,000 visitors tasted almost 10,000 bottles of wine from over 170 labels. Once more the goal is to offer the many tourists in Puglia for their summer holidays a chance to discover, learn more about and appreciate the excellence of our territory in its quality and cultural value.

Calici di Stelle will also be in the cellars letting enotourists, who are not able to reach Trani or Copertino, to enjoy the event by visiting wineries and tasting wines right where they are produced. There are four stars of “Calici di Stelle in cantina” (in the cellar) each with personalized program which can be consulted on the Albea winery in Alberobello, the Vignuolo winery in Andria, Tenuta Fujanera in Foggia and Teanum in San Severo.

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