“Benvenuta Vendemmia” in Lazio: exploring the harvest, wine, food and art

08/09/2013 On September 22, wine lovers are welcomed as true friends by top Movimento Turismo del Vino producers in the Lazio Region for “Benvenuta Vendemmia”

Wine lovers are invited into the cellar to see how a quality bottle of wine is made. From the grape harvest to tasting the must, participants follow and deepen their knowledge about the transformation process from grapes into wine and live the celebration of the harvest with the producers satisfying their curiosity with good cheer in a rich fall atmosphere.

Wine tourists will have the chance to tour different types of cellars from one built in a Roman cistern to another in a medieval castle and even ones located near an archaeological settlement, in a 17th century farmhouse or in villas dating to the 18th, 19th and the beginning of 20th centuries. They will be guided past barrels and through galleries to taste wines paired with typical products of local cuisine, accompanied by cultural and folkloristic events during harvest time.

Every winery will offer a tasting of must, wine and other treats “in the tasting corner” with typical products from the provinces of Lazio (extra-virgin olive oil, bread, cold cuts, cheese, porchetta, organic products and preserves, sweets, honey, jams and other delicacies) to promote the agricultural and culinary products of autumn in addition to wine from the territories in the Lazio Region. “Lunch with the winemaker” is also on the program once again.

With “Benvenuta Vendemmia”, Movimento Turismo del Vino unites the harvest culture and art. To celebrate, there will be cultural and traditional events (in some wineries there may be the opportunity to experience crushing grapes in bare feet just like in the old days). For years, Movimento del Turismo Lazio has celebrated the harvest showcasing how the best wines are made in member wineries. It is a unique occasion to celebrate the meeting between producers and wine tourists in an atmosphere imbued with the fragrances of must and autumn.