“Benvenuta Vendemmia”: starting semptember 8 let's go to harvest with Movimento Turismo del Vino


In September the scent of grapes and must welcome wine lovers to the open cellars of Movimento Turismo del Vino for Benvenuta Vendemmia, Welcome Harvest, starting September 8 in six regions from north to south. The participating member wineries come to life with special events such as art exhibitions, shows and events for children along with cellar tours, walks through the rows of vines and tastings, revealing all the secrets of the harvest from the grapes to the barrels: a unique occasion to experience the charm of a traditional grape harvest and different phases of the process with the winemakers from the vineyard to the bottle.

In Lombardy, Benvenuta Vendemmia is three times lucky. For three consecutive Sundays, September 8, 15 and 22, there will be 19 cellars open offering a rich program of events, tastings and activities. Triple your fun in San Colombano (Pietrasanta) where you can have breakfast in the vineyards and crush the grapes with a hand press or with your feet in the afternoon. A “Children’s Harvest” is slated for September 22 in the Oltrepò Pavese area (Bosco Longhino). The little ones will experience all phases of the grape harvest and, at the end of the day, will receive a certificate in addition to a voucher for a bottle of the wine that they helped press for pick up in Spring 2014.

From tours of 18th century cellars (Valpane) to old homesteads carved in the rocks at Camino Monferrato (Pierino Vellano), the Piedmont region has a full schedule for September 8 in the 18 participating wineries. Events include a mini-harvest and donkey or pony trekking through vineyards (Tenuta Montemagno), live pictorial performances in the cellar (La Tenaglia), grape crushing races (Iglina), happy hour-dinners and walks through vineyards. You can go wine-trekking at Castello di Gabiano or at Camino Monferrato.

Benvenuta Vendemmia also debuts in Veneto on September 8 to continue on the 9, 14 and 22 offering an opportunity to experience the harvest as well as a big celebration for families like the one in Due Carrare (Salvan) on September 8 which includes walks in vineyards to learn about the different grape varieties and a harvest for the little ones.

In the Campania region on September 15, you can become “winemaker for a day” by taking educative tours of the vines facing the Astroni crater (Astroni), getting on The Wine Bus to visit vineyards and small towns in three DOCG production areas of Irpinia (Terredora), participating in the harvest (Cavalier Pepe), competing in grape harvest races and farmer lunches (Sorrentinovini) and tasting local products (La Guardiense).

In Puglia, wine lovers can spend a day in the vineyards choosing from the different territories of production, from Daunia to Castel del Monteo to the Salento, for guided tours, walks through vineyards, wine tastings and cultural events and shows.

Finally, in Lazio events are set for September 22 to taste wines and typical products and for lunches with the winemakers in angolo dei sapori, “a tasting corner” located amongst the barrels and in galleries. Wine lovers can also crush grapes with their bare feet and visit different types of cellars from one built in a Roman cistern, to one in a medieval castle or near an archaeological settlement, to wineries in 17th century farmhouses and 18th to 20th century villas.