Autochtona, the national territorial wine forum, is back in Bolzano October 21-22

09/10/2013 An event featuring the best autochthonous Italian varieties

On October 21 and 22, the national territorial wine forum Autochtona ( makes its return to Bolzano. The program of the event dedicated to the best grapes of the territory promises tastings galore.
As usual, highlighting the event are wines made with more than 95% of autochthonous Italian varietals, which are presented by wineries with a limited production. Visitors will therefore have the chance to taste wines that represent typical vine varieties, often very old ones, as well as specific local terroir in the national area with the winemakers themselves.
The bottles presented during the 10th edition are up for the Autoctoni che passione! Prize which will give the Autochtona Award to the best labels in six categories. Also confirmed is the Lagrein Tasting, a benchmark tasting in collaboration with the Consorzio Vini Alto Adige which is presenting a new area entirely dedicated to the red grape variety from Alto Adige on Thursday, October 24 in light of the great success in past editions. On Wednesday, October 23, the same area will host the 14th edition of Vinea Tirolensis, a tasting featuring winemakers from Alto Adige.