'Cantine Aperte for San Martino' on Sunday, November 10 in Puglia

07/11/2013 The event that opens barrels and bottles promoted by Movimento Turismo del Vino is back once again

On Sunday, November 10 from 10 am to 10pm, “Cantine Aperte for San Martino” will be held all over Italy.
Movimento Turismo del Vino proposes this autumn event to wine experts, enthusiasts and the curious to find out about the latest vintages in the cellar. The highly-anticipated open day, in its fifth year running, will introduce a new brand that will be a part of all future events by Movimento Turismo del Vino which invite guests into the cellar.
In Puglia, seven wineries of the consortium will open their doors offering a rich program of guided tours, tastings, and special events from north to south. In Daunia, the Tenuta Fujanera di Foggia winery will be open while Villa Schinosa will open its doors in Trani. In the province of Bari participating wineries will be the Sampietrana di San Pietro Vernotico (Br), Apollonio in Monteroni di Lecce in addition to Cosimo Tuarino and Tenute Eméra in Guagnano.
The event, made possible by the Department of Food and Agricultural Resources of the Region of Puglia, will see the personal participation of representative Fabrizio Nardoni who will visit some of the participating wineries for the occasion.
“San Martino in Puglia has the feeling of the time which separates us from the harvest, between the heat of summer which has just gone away and that typical of the upcoming feast day, the wait for the tasting of prestige wines.” affirms Fabrizio Nardoni. “A popular tradition, which mixes the folkloristic element and rural identity with wine production all over the country, but which really comes as a second summer climatically and as an explosion of flavor in the heel of Italy. A climate and an ideal condition for fruition on the part of wine lovers, wine tourists and visitors. Drinking new wine from the barrel means being able to taste its essence in one of the most beautiful historical, natural and architectural settings of the peninsula. We are the land of good wine,” concludes Nardoni, “where the surrounding beauty and the mastery of our producers contribute to a festival of fine wine.” 
For the entire day, wine lovers will be able to taste new wine as well as older vintages and meet the producers with friends and relatives.
“With ‘Cantine Aperte for San Martino’,” remarks the president of Movimento Turismo del Vino Puglia, Sebastiano de Corato, “our Consortium proposes an itinerary based on the most authentic tradition, that of new wine, which will offer typical aromas and autumn impressions to wine tourists who follow it. So we hope there will be many who will enjoy the excellence of our wines spending a pleasant day in an atmosphere of celebration and warm welcome.”
As they do every year, the Cicloamici and Ruotalibera associations are organizing pleasant itineraries for cyclists featuring wine and nature.
The feast of Saint Martin is a highlight of rural life all over Puglia. In Salento especially, this feast was traditionally a chance to celebrate the joy that comes from a good harvest and from narrowly escaping famine as well as expressing the hope for an increasingly prosperous future. To best celebrate what was considered the end of the agricultural year, farmers opened the “ozze” (clay amphoras) or barrels to taste the new wines, a sign of wealth and well being.
After “Cantine Aperte for San Martino”, Movimento Turismo del Vino Puglia will continue with other events with “Cantine Aperte for Christmas” set for December 8 along with “LoVolio Extravergine”, an event dedicated to the green gold of Puglia.
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