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55 million euros is the value of the area which will be invested by the public, or rather the City of Bologna through CAAB, headed by professor Andrea Segrè, in addition to at least another 40 million by a long chain of private investors lead by the COOP Adriatica. The opening is set for 2015 on the coattails of Expo and on target for the 2019 goal is to generate a turnover of 86 million euros per year, and give work to 5,000 people through direct and generated jobs. These are the numbers according to a report by “Corriere della Sera” for “Eataly World”, the new Italian food and agricultural park par excellence which will be built in Bologna. The direction will obviously be entrusted to Oscar Farinetti.

The idea of the food park, as reported in the Corriere newspaper, is Andrea Segrè’s, who, in addition to being the president of CAAB, is also behind the Last Minute Market, a spinoff of the University of Bologna working for years in the battle against food waste. And it will be precisely Segrè who will ensure that the project becomes a reality.

“The mayor of Bologna, Virginio Merola, had stated clearly: no shopping centres,” relates Segrè, “and on November 30, 2012 we went to Farinetti to present the idea of a theme park. Given his receptiveness, we gave ourselves two goals: to find private investors willing to put at least 40 million euros into the operation and to have the fruit and vegetable market wholesalers agree to transfer immediately to a nearby location. Both were achieved by the end of 2013 as we had proposed. Now my remaining task is to supervise the realization of the project.”

In the park there will be all the most important chains in Italian staples: from grain to the production of pasta including the mill, from the vines to the barrels and bottles, from tomatoes to the production line, in addition to a pork butchery starting with the pig farm to aging prosciutti and even dairy cows and cheese production.