Industry: food products increase twofold (+2.8%) and lead the upswing

14/01/2014 Historic record for 2013 exports and positive forecast for consumption in 2014

Food products, with an increase of 2.8% with respect to the average, lead the surge in industrial production which started a growing trend in November after 26 months. This is what has emerged from an analysis by Coldiretti (the National Association of Cultivators) on the basis of Istat (National Institute for Statistics) data on industrial production in November.

The surge in food and drink production is congruent with the forecast of a restrained change in food consumption in Italy in the two-year period from 2014 to 2015, also indicated by Prometeia, after the sudden drop recorded in 2013 (-3.9%). However, an encouraging fact is the historic record in exports of Italian food and agricultural products, which reached its highest quota ever at 33 billion euros in 2013. Most of the exports stayed in the European Union for an estimated value of 22.5 billion (+5%), but Made-in-Italy has also grown in the United States with 2.9 billion (+6%), in Asian markets (+8%, 2.8 billion), and in African markets where there was an increase of 12% at a quota of 1.1 billion euros.

The biggest increase comes from Oceania with a 13% growth, even if the sum total is moderate. Generally, the increase in exports with respect to last year is 6%. Among the main Made-in-Italy sectors, the most exported product is confirmed as wine with 5.1 billion (+8%) ahead of fresh fruit and vegetables (4.5 billion euros), which has increased by 6%, while oil marks a 10% increase bringing its complex worth to 1.3 billion euros. An increase also for pasta, an important Made-In-Italy item on foreign tables with 2.2 billion euros (+4%).

Fonte: Coldiretti