Expo 2015: budding flowers for the Italian Pavilion

16/01/2014 Logo embodies diversity and unity in the country

Three-colored budding flowers, “the idea of a plant nursery “ hence “the young and the future” is the logo of the Italian Pavilion at Expo 2015, presented today. It represents all of Italy with all of its expressions, its great diversity,” states Diana Bracco, president of Expo 2015 Spa and general commissioner of the Italian Pavilion. “A youthful logo, fresh, with the colours of Italy,” symbol “of diversity but in the way so that unity, synthesized in an unambiguous symbol for our country, emerges.”

“We want to revive the image of Italy to give it new hope. There is a pride to reclaim,” adds the artistic director of the Italian Pavilion to Expo 2015, Marco Balich presenting the logo. Expo “must be a celebration, have a joyful tone,” so the presented logo, says Balich, “is alive, cheerful, full of hope. Underneath there is the word ‘pride’, for us an important message, it must be the basis for the Italian commitment in 2015.”