Movimento Turismo del Vino Campania and Training

18/02/2014 Starting February 28, MTV Campania wineries tell all to Masters of Wine Business students at the University of Salerno

Getting all the top cultural and formative initiatives for wineries that host visitors in Campania online: this is the goal that is achieved more and more by the Campania branch of Movimento Turismo del Vino. The idea belongs to Emanuela Rossi, president of the association since 2012, who has made training and promoting an attainable bastion. Winter 2013/2014 takes it up a notch with two initiatives: the participation of Movimento winemakers in the Masters in Wine Business promoted by the University of Salerno and the participation of MTV Campania in the Premio Siti Reali.

Starting Friday, February 28 until Friday, June 6, some of the participating MTV Campania wineries (Cantine Astroni/Sorrentino/ La Sibilla / Famiglietti/ Venditti/La Guardiense/Terra Di Vento/ Tenuta Cavalier Pepe) open up to students about the history of their winery through the family that runs it with an in-depth analysis of the business (Italian market, foreign markets, product, price, communication, and distribution). Each presentation will conclude with a tasting of the cellar’s wines guided by an AIS Campania Official Sommelier Taster.

The “Wine Business” postgraduate course offered by the University of Salerno aims to prepare professional experts in economy, administration and management of business initiatives in the winemaking industry.

The Association for the Siti Reali and the Residenze Borboniche Onlus aim to have people relive their cultural identity and re-narrate the historical memories of the priceless cultural patrimony of the circuit of Siti Reali Borbonici in Campania and in the south of Italy in areas with high environmental, scenic, cultural, artistic, architectural, archaeological, artisanal, enological and culinary value. The Premio Siti Reali anticipates the collaboration between Movimento Turismo del Vino Campania and the non-profit organization to promote and carry out a program of socio-cultural educational, institutional, awareness-raising, restorative and supportive initiatives through the creation of a strategic plan for touristic and cultural development integrated by the Siti Reali and the Residenze Borboniche. The program includes a closing ceremony.