Tequila ok but in Mexico the time has come for Italian wine

20/02/2014 Mexico the New Frontier for Italy

Tequila “siempre” but make way for Italian wine. The Best Italian Wine Awards (BIWA), created by sommeliers Luca Gardini and Andrea Grignaffini, rated the top 50 wines of Italy. It was presented at EnoTK, the highend go-to locale for those who enjoy a good glass of vino in the enormous Mexican megalopolis.

For the occasion, many journalists, buyers, sommeliers, wine lovers and restaurateurs all met at EnoTK to attend the presentation of the prestigious list and the special 2013 AWARDS for wine, wineries and the people who exceptionally contributed to making the Italian world of wine a unique experience in nature and personality.

At the event, not only were Spanish and Italian spoken, but also French. Among the invited VIPs there was, for example, Raoul Salama, collaborator with the Revue du Vin de France as well as several newspapers (Le Monde, Le Figaro), lecturer at Burdeos in the Faculty of Enology and at the Polytechnique of Paris. A comment about BIWA? “Simple, it’s a great idea,” he stated to ANSA, pointing out that there is nothing comparable in France.

Among those present there was also the manager of the Monte Rossa winery, Emanuele Rabotti, who stated that he was open to investing in teaching the bubbly technique in loco with a partner. “I firmly believe in the potential of Mexico, I believe in this uncharted market. We Italians have the fact that we are Latin in common with Mexicans,” underlined the Franciacorta producer.

In fact, the hottest Latin American country is precisely Mexico. Its enormous internal market is booming, and, on the other hand, thanks to NAFTA (an agreement signed several years ago now), the commercial routes into the United States have been changed and facilitated. After all, the numbers on wine consumption in Mexico have been confirmed at 13% increase per year, which, along with the consistent numbers on the wealthy and upperclass, make this country a new frontier for Italian wine and food.

To choose the top 50 wines, it took the judges, who tasted 300 different wines from all the producing regions of the Peninsula, three working days to taste 200 reds and 100 whites.