Alberto Fiornini New President of Movimento Turismo del Vino Emilia Romagna

25/02/2014 Alberto Fiorini of Podere Fiorini and Torre dei Nanni hailing from Modena is the new president of Movimento Turismo del Vino Emilia Romagna nominated after Francesco Lambertini, Tenuta Bonzara, who lead the association with great dedication for two consecutive mandates

 The decision was made at the Administrative Council on Wednesday, February 19 at the Palazzona di Maggio winery in Ozzana dell’Emilia (Bo) with a unanimous vote for the changing of the guard from Lambertini to Fiorini.

Alberto Fiorini presented a program of events for the three-year term to create initiatives and visibility for the associate wineries that not only focuses on Cantine Aperte. The main idea is of creating interest in cellars all year long with the intention of collaboration and synergy with organizations, whether private or even other entities.

The new president states, “I am in charge of managing two family wineries, and I strongly believe in the potential offered by food and wine tourism as a hub for creating opportunities of growth and more for all the cellars as well as restaurants and artisan enterprises in the regional territory. I will try to carry out my mandate in full cooperative spirit of openness towards new things based on collaboration and partnership with whomever wants, with enthusiasm, to believe in this association.”