Cantine Aperte with your four-legged friends: walks in vineyards, outdoor games and pet kits (water and kibble) all to

04/05/2014 On May 24 and 25, Fido & co. accompany wine lovers to wineries in the cult event by Movimento Turismo del Vino Tuscany

Walks through vineyards, open spaces to frolic in, pet kit with water dish for “tastings paired with” tasty kibble, and games and activities to do in the open air in complete freedom: “Cantine Aperte 2014” in Tuscany is pet friendly, with wineries opening their doors to Fido & Co. to accompany wine lovers to the most famous wine-tourism event by Movimento Turismo del Vino Tuscany set for the weekend of May 24 and 25 featuring the biggest names in the most famous region of Italian wines. Not only have beaches, hotels, shops and restaurants opened their doors to animals, but also wineries in the spirit of friendship in order to make the wine-tourism experience even more “friendly”.

“Our region is the one which has the most wine tourists in Italy,” explains Violante Gardini, President of Movimento Tursimo del Vino Tuscany, “and it offers unforgettable experiences in historical settings, exclusive cellars, small ‘cellars’ by big winemakers, where you can meet world famous producers and, with a little luck, even have a sneak preview of their latest creation. This is the Tuscany of wine, a world of traditions, nature, passion and friendship, where we welcome visitors who wish to see what is behind our bottles, now without even having to leave behind the precious company of their four-legged friends.”

In Italy more than half of the families, 55.3%, share their daily lives with one or more pets, a number that has grown sharply since 2012 (+41.7%, source Eurispes “Rapporto Italia 2013”). Cats and dogs, the most loved by Italians, and not only, they are inseparable friends for many wine lovers who would like to bring their pets with them even when they travel to wine territories and visit cellars. “Cantine Aperte” in Tuscany provides the opportunity not to leave them at home, giving four-legged friends a chance to relax and play while their owners, who appreciate good drink, are busy with tastings and delectable pairings, wine tours, bottle shopping, lessons and seminars with music, shows and games. At “Cantine Aperte 2014 with Four-Legged Friends”, Tuscany confirms itself once again as the most pet friendly place in Italy, ready to meet the demands of pets and owners turning a wine holiday, even for just one day, into a pleasant one to experience in the company of four-legged friends in total comfort. And “Cantine Aperte” is also the top event for wine lovers to visit “cult” destinations in Wine Tuscany, from the cellars where the most famous wines originated, “guardians” of traditions, to noble and famous wineries, to multinational wineries or wineries that are family-run, organic, or run by women, the only one remaining within the walls of Renaissance cities, in old villas and century-old castles, in the background of the most recognized landscapes in the world but also in unusual and unexpected locations like the sea (for information about tours and tastings, free or for a fee:

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