Cantine Aperte in #Campania: the return appointment featuring music, art and good food

07/05/2014 A rich calendar of events in the cellar uniting the world of good drink with food, music, art and history on May 25 with Cantine Aperte

A rich calendar of events in the cellar which unites good drink with food, music, art and history on Sunday, May 25 at Cantine Aperte, the classic spring event for Italian wineries including the participation of numerous wineries in Campania. For over twenty years the Movimento Turismo del Vino member wineries open the doors of their cellars for special tastings, vineyard tours, theme menus and art shows to wine lovers and inquiring minds all over the Boot. The last Sunday in May will be celebrated in the provinces of Campania with itineraries and events to discover the vineyards and the work of winemakers on the slopes of Vesuvius, near cities, in the Irpinia backcountry, like on the green hills of Sannio, and along the coast.

Campania is also participating in the Cantine Aperte 2014 #suonodabere Contest by Movimento Turismo del Vino. Its goal is to promote the culture of wine and winemaking territories linking them to the emotions of music. To participate, just tweet using @Mtv_Italia indicating a territory (ex. Langhe) or an appellation (ex. Barolo) or a grape variety (ex. Nebbiolo) and a song (title) or musical artist along with three connected adjectives which explain why. In the tweets the following hashtags and tags must be used: #cantineaperte, #suonodabere, @Mtv_Italia, #variety/territory/appellation of your choice, #song/artist of your choice, #adjective1, #adjective2, #adjective3. The complete contest rules are available here:

Associazione Movimento Turismo del Vino Campania

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