Cantine Aperte in #Lazio on Saturday and Sunday, May 24-25 in the cities of our capital region

13/05/2014 There will be many events that will liven things up for wine tourists who will be welcomed as true friends in wineries by top member producers, lead among barrels and through galleries to taste their wines paired with typical local agricultural products in Tasting Corners.

May 24-25, 2014 Cantine Aperte is back again in all Italian regions and is already proving to be a grand event for the over 1,000 member wineries: the 22nd edition for Lazio which opens its cellars to wine connoisseurs. Wines from Lazio, progressively improving in quality and more and more acclaimed, are proving to be an attraction and point of interest for tourists, tour operators, buyers and opinion leaders. Many events will keep the wine lovers busy in the wineries where they will be welcomed as true friends by the best member producers, guided through galleries and among the wine barrels to taste wines paired with typical local agricultural products in the Tasting Corners (extra-virgin olive oil, bread, salami, cheese, pork roast, organic products and preserves, sweets, honey, jams and other treats) to promote the agricultural and food products in addition to wine from the Lazio Region, since the quality and variety of typical food and agricultural products are the history of the territory and its people.

Since 1994, Turismo del Vino del Lazio has supported the big regional event in honour of good wine. Based on feedback collected from wine tourists, the profile of a wine tourist today is someone who is increasingly interested in the territory and its treasures uniting their passion for wine to culture and tradition of the territory to be visited. For this reason, the Lazio Association is organizing “Lunch with the Winemaker” (fixed price and menu) once again this year; a special event with a table of wine tourists who may not know each other but share the same passion for wine, which the producers will pour with each dish served.

Associazione Movimento Turismo del Vino Lazio