Cantine Aperte at Harvest Time in #Campania: Grape and Good Drink Festivities Set for Sunday, September 14

14/09/2014 Wine lovers, experts or simply those who are curious about wine may experience the harvest, where possible, and see all the phases of production

On Sunday, September 14 the event comes back to Campania to experience good wine right in the cellar. It is Cantine Aperte at Harvest Time, the event created by Movimento Turismo del Vino for all those who wish to see how wine is made. The event returns for the 2014 edition with a new name that highlights the identity of Movimento and the event that started it all and will once again open winery doors in Campania to those wanting to join in the festivities, tastings and theme dinners. A special chance for those who wish to rediscover nature’s charm by losing themselves in the intense colours of the countryside and enjoying the quintessential scents of the fertile earth and its ripe fruit.

Some of the best wineries of Campania that are members of Movimento Turismo del Vino are getting ready to welcome wine lovers to spend lightly sun-kissed September days between the rows picking grapes, tasting local wines and typical local fare. Participating wineries are Fattoria Ciabrelli, Tenuta Cavalier Pepe, La Guardiense, Cantine di Solopaca and Terredora di Paolo.

At the wineries in the Sannio Beneventano and Irpinia areas, experience moments of good cheer as well as instructive ones during tours of vineyards, technical wine tastings or even during excursions in vineyards at sunset or to crush grapes.

A hands-on experience of the harvest means learning about regional agriculture, keenly following the must as it transforms into wine all in an atmosphere of good cheer for expert and not-so-expert wine lovers.